[WOW] Ahead Flank! – Ranked Battles Season 5

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World of Warships: Ahead Flank! – Ranked Battles Season 5

Source: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/ranked-battles-season-5/

Play Ranked Battles, get awesome rewards!

Avast! Season 5 of Ranked Battles is on the horizon. Prepare to earn stars, climb the ranks, and haul in a pirate’s treasure!

• Signal Flags
• Camouflage
• Commemorative Flags
• Credits
• Doubloons
• Bragging rights

Super League Missions for Rank 1 Players

At Ranks 23-16, you can’t lose any earned Stars.

Don’t worry if you’re ever on the losing team — if you’re first in XP earned, you won’t lose a Star!

Ranked Battles Season 5 Starts October 1 at 09:00 PT / 12:00 ET
Ranked Battles Season 5 Ends November 14 at 01:30 PT / 04:30 ET

Updated 10/10: Map “Big Race” has been added back into Ranked Battles

You’ll get 1,000 Doubloons for reaching Rank 2 and 2,500 Doubloons for reaching Rank 1!

Get a Ship if You’re a Ranked Battles Veteran
If you already have the “Jolly Roger” and “Jolly Roger II” Flags from previous seasons and reach Rank 1 in Season 5, you’ll receive USS Flint after the season ends!

Rank Details
You’ll be matched with other players based on your Rank. Ranks are divided into four levels, five counting the “Super League”. This is designed to provide a more level playing field and a smoother matchmaking experience. By default, all players start at Rank 23. Players who participated last season start with bonus stars equal to the number of ranks they ascended in the previous season.

Example: Fishy ended Season 4 at Rank 15. The lowest Rank that Season was Rank 22. Therefore, Fishy gets 7 bonus stars applied to her record this Season, putting her at Rank 19.

League 4 (Ranks 23 – 16)

Tier VI
League 3 (Ranks 15 – 11)

League 2 (Ranks 10 – 6)

League 1 (Ranks 5 – 1)

You can preview all the rewards by checking the “Profile” tab in your Port. Simply select the desired rank and hover your cursor over the cargo container. Below is breakdown of the most coveted items:

Flags awarded during Ranked Battles Season 5 will have a new feature: -5%, -10%, -20% to ship service cost (and you can set them on each ship in every type of battle). They are awarded for reaching Rank 15, 10 and 5 accordingly and will be removed once the season ends.

Flag Earned at Rank 15

-5% Service cost
(Only available during this season)

Flag Earned at Rank 10

-10% Service cost
(Only available during this season)

Flag Earned at Rank 5

-20% Service cost
(Only available during this season)

Flag and Prizing Earned at Rank 1

• Jolly Roger “Forever Flag”
• x100 Type 3 Camouflage
• 5,000,000 Credits
• 2,500 Doubloons

If you achieve Rank 1 a second time, you’ll get a “Jolly Roger II” pirate flag.

If you achieve Rank 1 a third time, you’ll earn the Premium tier VII cruiser USS Flint.

If you achieve Rank 1 a fourth time, you’ll get the “Jolly Roger III” pirate flag.

Reach rank 15 by the end of this season and you’ll get the commemorative City of Wilhelmshaven flag!

Wilhelmshaven was the main base of the German Navy during the First and Second World Wars.

Super League Missions
League “0” Or 5. Whichever you prefer. This is the Not-So-SECRET SUPER LEAGUE: Once you get to Rank 1, you’ll be in a battle ranking with other “Super-League” players, able to fight on to your heart’s content at tier X with objectives in your “Missions” tab to earn all the XP and Credits you could ever need!

These missions will be available from 15:00 PT / 18:00 ET (14:00 PT / 17:00 ET after November 6) to 21:00 PT / 00:00 ET (20:00 PT / 23:00 ET after November 6) every day in the given period.

Missions End November 13 at 20:00 PT / 23:00 ET

Super League Mission 1

Play a Ranked Battle.

• Must use a tier X ship
• Repeatable
• Ranked Battles only


• x2 Credits

Super League Mission 2

Win a Ranked Battle.

• Must use a tier X ship
• Repeatable
• Ranked Battles only


• x3 XP

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