There’s A New Player In Town

DaUnknownAdmin Player

There’s A New Player In Town

We gave our player a face-lift, complete with a new color scheme and cutting-edge support. The DaUnknownAdmin Player 2.0 is retina-ready and html5 responsive, so you can use it with just about every browser, both on your desktop and your favorite mobile devices. Right below the Player, we have links directly to our Facebook pages as well as links to where you can find our podcast on the more popular podcasting sites and apps.

We have started to roll out the new Player for the Clubhouse Dance Music Podcast Series. Since adding the new Player is a manual process, we will be adding the new Player as time allows to our older shows/podcasts. But going forward all new shows/podcasts will utilize the new Player. We hope you enjoy the new Player and remember…

Play It Loud, Play It Proud!

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