The Willie Valentin Show Episode 3

The Willie Valentin Show Episode 3

This is the first half of the Third episode of the Willie Valentin Show broadcasting on WCMRadio. The show was also simulcasted by friends at Party Radio USA and 2DaGroove.


This episode features a guest appearance from Freestyle Music Producer and Recording Artie Rodriguez. As always the guys and Synthia discuss a variety of topics. Skits include Culo perfume Commerical.

Artie talks about his current project at the time, Curtain Call. We also get an inside tip on Artie working with Pure Trend. The guys get Artie to talk about his obsession with BBW, his most embarrassing moment, and the vast variety of people he performed with over the years.

Surprise calls from Lil’ Manny and Nathan, as well as calls from fans.

Music in this episode features Sharyn Maceren, Fulanito, Body & Styles, Issac, George Lamond.

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