The Freestyle Club – Swing Batter Batter – Episode 8 – Part 1

The Freestyle Club with K7/TKA

In this episode of The Freestyle Club -Swing Batter Batter – Episode 8, we invite an artist to pick a topic for discussion.

Please join Radio Personality CPR Jose Ortiz, Life Long Freestyle Fan, and Former DeeJay – DaUnknownAdmin, as we welcome Recording Artist TKA/K7 in this special Two-Part Episode of The Freestyle Club

 Swing Batter Batter - Episode 8

The Freestyle Club starts things off with 11-month-old Blue, K7’s latest addition to the family. We also discuss his oldest son, J6, and what career path he has taken. 

The Freestyle Club discusses the early years of TKA, how they started out as a Rap group and why they ended up bring a Freestyle group instead. Who the members were then, who the members are now, and everyone in between. We talk about the TKA vs TAA controversy that is still a hot topic over a decade later.

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