Quadlibet – Mood Swings


Quadlibet – Mood Swings

The wait is over!! Quadlibet’s album “Mood Swings” is now available everywhere.


1. If This Is Love
2. We Can’t Go On
3. Tainted Love
4. Set Me Free
5. Can’t Get Enough
6. Just Want To
7. I Believed in You
8. I Dream of You
9. If I Told Ya
10. Tainted Love (Flipzide Remix)
11. Take Me
12. Now Is the Time
13. Never Gonna Give Up
14. I Believed in You (Alexies DJ 87 Edit Mix)
15. Thoughts of You
16. Just Want To (Remix)

Digital download and CD.

CD is $25
17 tracks


To order CD send email to artistikrecordings@gmail.com for an invoice.
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