NHBFreestyle.Com (Home of the Hardcore FreeStyler)
The No Holds Barred Freestyle forum was created at a time when Freestyle forums where at their peak in terms of traffic and activity. Per their mission statement “… we will strive to maintain it in the public eye, serving notice it never left, just went underground, among those choosing to shelter and maintain it. We are very protective of it and will not suffer any fools aiming to denigrate or exploit it.

NHBFreestyle.Com remains one of the few Freestyle Music based forums still up and running.

Project Date: 04-15-2003
– Created Flash-based intro page
– Created a static portal page for a ProBoards based forum site that included an automated date and time stamp, breaking news ticker, poll, menu links for internal sections of the site, registration and login links, and an events section.
– Strongly advised site owners/administrators to move to either a paid forum solution such as vBulletin or a free alternative such as phpbb.
– Updated portal page to incorporate features from the newly installed phpbb forum, while retaining some of the older features.

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