The Lunch Time Hangout Show Episode # 9

The Official Lunch Time Hang Out Show Episode # 9

1] Change by Noel
2] Lovin’ Fool by Tolga
3] Promise Circle by Be Mine Tonight
4] Where Are You Tonight by Coro
5] Give Me Tonight by Shannon
6] Honey To A Bee by Tina B
7] Release Yourself by Aleem
8] Don’t You Think It’s Time by Fascination
9] Dancing On The Fire by India
10] Hip Hop Bee Bop by Man Parish
11] Jellybean by The Mexican

Broken Dreams by Jay Rivera feat. Sammy Zone
Carlos “After Dark” Berrios

1] Thong Song by Sisko (RMX)
2] Fresh Prince (RMX)
3] Scrubs (RMX)
4] Bad by Michael Jackson (RMX)
5] Move It (RMX)

The Lunch Time Hang Out Show is a weekly one hour Freestyle Show showcasing the best in Freestyle Music. It is hosted by Da Unknown Admin and Varrinique and simulcast and broadcasted live across multiple internet radio stations as well as podcasted on iTunes and various other media sites.

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Born and Raised In New York City. I love SciFi, Music and Food.
I've been involved in many of the well-known Freestyle sites and internet radio stations.

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