iPhone Users and Music Lovers – Get This App!

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If you’re a iPhone user and a music lover, have I got an app for you!

Top 100s by Year by Bing gives you thousands of songs to listen to absolutely free. Select a year starting from 1947 all the way through 2009 and you’ll hear the year’s top 100 songs. The downside is the random order in which the songs are played. It would have be truly awesome if you could have played the songs in reverse order, but you do get a handy dandy chart for each year.

Apparently there are ads that ask you to download Bling, but as I type this article I haven’t heard any as of yet. However the ads are a small price to pay for this free app that offers so much in the form of musical history. I’m currently enjoying listening to the songs that were all the rage the year I was born and I’m looking forward to comparing them to songs that rocked the charts during personal milestones such as my High School years, the year I joined the army and the year my son was born just to name a few.

Click, download, sync and N-Joy!


Special Shoutouts to JV, thanks for sharing this great app with me.

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