Freestyle Summer Jam 2018

Freestyle Summer Jam 2018

Freestyle Summer Jam 2018

There’s no better way to announce the Official start of Summer with Freestyle Music. The mix starts off with all the Summer Songs I could find and keeps things moving along with the familiar Planet Rock Beat. I threw in an acapella here and there as well as a few bonus beats to keep the energy up in the mix.

Freestyle Summer Jam 2018 Mix was a quick mix I did to usher in the Summer Solstice and Celebrate the beginning of Summer. Mix up your favorite cocktails, crank up the music and get your Summer Started right With Some Freestyle In Your Ear!

 Freestyle Summer Jam 2018


Summer Jam (Acapella Inro)
Summer Heat (Spanglish Mix) [Jaime]
Summer Night With You [Shayme]
Summertime Summertime (Spanglish Mix) [Corina]
A Fantasy [Soniya]
Always And Forever [Lorenzo D Lan]
Take Me Higher [’98] [Stefanie Bennett]
Without Your Love [Angelina]
Back in Your Arms [Lil Suzy]
You’re My Angel [Collage ft Kathy Phillips]
Real Love [Irene]
Only Cries [Latin Nation]
Planet Rock (Vocal)
Take The Time [Lia Marquis]
Time [Samantha]
After All This Time [Leo Deleon]
Out Of Time [Noel]
The Question [Noel]
Can’t Let You Go [Coro]
Scars Of Love [TKA]


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