Freestyle Music Vinyl Mix by DJ Tony-PE Ramos

A DeeJay friend and I were discussing the sad state of Freestyle Music, particularly Freestyle Dee Jays and their mixing skills or lack thereof. Even with the aid of today’s software/hardware, blending, phrasing, leveling, etc, is just non-existent in their mix sets. We then started to lament about the days when DeeJays would have to mix with vinyl and how we seriously doubted that today’s Freestyle Dee Jays could develop the skills required to put a decent set together.

That’s when my friend mentioned that he saw a Brazilian Dee Jay mixing vinyl on Youtube. I have to admit I was pretty skeptical, after all who uses turntables and vinyl anymore. But sure enough, there was DJ Tony-PE Ramos mixing up Freestyle Music using turntable and vinyl, even did some scratching! So without further ado, I present to you DJ Tony-PE Ramos in the mix, from Brazil.

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