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Where is everyone at?

Discussion in 'On The Block' started by Ted, May 27, 2010.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck Who? Staff Member Administrator DOFCH.COM NYFreestyle.Com NHBFreestyle.Com FreestyleRemix.Com FreestyleMania.com ClubFreestyle.Com Freestyle.FM Dee Jays

    Except Freestyle.;)
  2. Anna


    Where do i begin , hmmm first of all to my Teddy T , you know i love and cherish ffm (and you lol) i will admit i have not been on as much as i used to ,but i do check it out every day. Love has been keeping me busy and work too. It's nothing to do with ffm i wouldn't change a thing.I love the site and have been planning on participating more like i used to so i thought it was wild when i saw this thread and had to comment. :tgif:keep up the good work
  3. freestylelvr

    freestylelvr Member

    Anna got herself a man now, so you know how that goes! You're all in love at first then when you move in together it all goes to hell!!! Just my opinion.
  4. Anna


    well we've been living together for 8 mos and he still treats me like a queen, we are so much alike that it's crazy, he's a very good man and shows me how much he loves me everyday and i mean every day, not to go too far off topic lol. I miss the site and all of you and i'll be hanging out more often plus i miss all the virtual dancing during Teds show. :Banana09:
  5. powrpuff

    powrpuff Freakalicious Freestyler DOFCH.COM NYFreestyle.Com MaximumFreestyle.Com FreestyleRemix.Com FreestyleMania.com

    well i got my hands on a laptop tonight and i went here first, kk,...and byu golly if i have to stay up all night to post or jack thread...by golly i shall not let you down...puffys back and bringin down the house again ;)
  6. powrpuff

    powrpuff Freakalicious Freestyler DOFCH.COM NYFreestyle.Com MaximumFreestyle.Com FreestyleRemix.Com FreestyleMania.com

    lol im so cool:D
  7. el_mas_querido

    el_mas_querido Freestyler Xtreme

    Damn!! My profile all dusty!! Haven't been on here for years!! What's new???
  8. DaUnknownAdmin

    DaUnknownAdmin Captain Casual Staff Member Administrator Freestyle.FM Dee Jays


    Hey, it's been awhile since I've seen someone drop by. Welcome Back!

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