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What's Your Fav iPhone App?


Captain Casual
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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
So far I've only checked out FStream and Facebook Apps, but so far I'm pretty happy with them. They work as advertised.

What are your fav apps?


The Bank of America APP is very handy.
You can also add the Att My Wireless App that helps you pay your bill with your iphone.

The Hot 97 APP allows you to take the station anywhere and everywhere
The Remote APP allows you to control your computer's itunes via wi-fi

...and of course AIM.

There's also a shoutcast app.

FS Stream is my favorite. I get to record as I listen.
The top four iPhone apps after using the iPhone4 for 7 weeks now, for me, are:

Things.app (but the price is tooooo high)
Angry Birds

But I can do soooo much more with the phone with these apps:

1password and dropbox, that combination is like unlocking secret features. They're more tools to get things done, than apps that I use the most.