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What song is this ? It's really good I have it on my iPod but it's labeled as Track16

i only have liek half the song for some reason. it goes like:
(in the middle of a verse)
"-and what I'm about to say to you
my heart will flow with ecstasy for something that is true
(can't figure out this verse)
and let you know how much i love you so love will never die
forever or more ohh baby tonights the night ill want you for myself x2
*and then both boy and girl chorus sing together*
forever or more....(both boy and girl) together we will be.. boy i'm crying for your love(girl) forever or more(boy and girl)

please help i like this song a lot.


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Forever amor by D'zyre
ok thanks haha, yeah in the shower i was singing it and i'm like i think it's forever amor(love) it'd make more sense so i came on here to say that it might be that but you already answered it thanks !!!
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