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Just wondering if anyone plays World of Warcraft??? I just started playing finally after giving up FFXI (FInal Fantasy XI). Let me know, I need some friends :) I have Horde characters and Alliance characters.


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Naw, not here..........

i mainly play frogger on here - them motor skills :)

sorry Mira
Hey my brother does, he is so hooked on that game, I think he plays people from all over the country like online. Let me ask him and get his info and I will let you know.


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me and my wife play W.o.W and are both on the Dentarg server as Alliance. If your ever looking for me on that server whisper one of these toons.

Stupiid (warrior)
Lfaltarboy (priest)
Oncedied (death knight)

I currently run a small guild on that server for mature players so that we don't have to deal with demanding 10 year olds :p


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I like Tae's version better... is there a home edition?
I don't really play computer games myself.
I prefer face to face miniature wargaming.
I have a few friends who play WoW. A few others who play Rome Total War as well.

Jeff I.
I play WoW. I have a toon on Drenden named Minogue(warlock) and one on Altar Of Storms named Bellarina(mage), but I never really use the latter because I got too involved with my warlock. I'm only a level 29, but I really haven't played much in the last month. Does anyone else have toons on Drenden? Oh, and... FOR THE HORDE! LOL