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Trina Turk goes for gold


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Designer Trina Turk is going for gold with her new swimwear collection.

The metallic shine was all over the runway at Turk's July 22 show, which kicked off the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2011.

"It was just that we were feeling gold, and also in our swimwear we've been doing a lot of sort of complicated hardware. And it seems like our customers tend to prefer gold over silver . . . against the tan," Turk said after the show.
She used gold hardware to embellish her bikinis and one-pieces. A model wore a black maillot with gold hardware placed at the plunging neckline. There was also a fuschia bandeau bathing suit top with gold hardware paired with a short multicolored skirt, accessorized with a chunky gold cuff bracelet and ring. Gold hardware also adorned a white bikini.

Turk sent a model down the runway wearing a gold one-shouldered long sleeve top paired with turquoise bikini bottoms. Another wore gold pants with a gold belt and a multicolored bandeau swim top, which also had gold hardware on it. Even the shoes, thong cork platforms, had some gold.
The collection -- named "Acapulco Gold" -- was inspired by Acapulco in the early 1970s "when it was the glamorous resort destination," Turk said.
So there were a lot of bold prints with bright colors inspired by Mexico.

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