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Transferring Music From Cassettes

I have tons of Freestyle tapes that I wanna upload to my pc. Does anyone know of a program or hardware that I can get to make this possible?

My only other choice is to go out and search for the albums on CD. :frown:



Staff member
Very simple to do at just under $5.00,. here is what you will need.

Cable plugs,.. see pic. make sure to buy the size based on your stereo or cassette Player, and the input size of your audio line in card.

Audio Recording Program. Free to use is Audacity which is great to rip your vinyl's & cassettes to plus it features many great plugins & options to clean up your audio.

basically install the software,.. connect your cassette/stereo to your pc configure it to use the "Line In" input and get to recording away. Very easy & simple to do.
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