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This week in comics




Cover art for MYSTIQUE #5.
© 2003 Marvel Characters Inc.

You know, you really should be reading MYSTIQUE for Brian Vaughan's excellent scripts and not just because of the covers. No, you really should. OK, fine, here's the cover to issue #5. Just don't come crying to me when you go blind and can't read your comics anymore...

Image's BATTLE OF THE PLANETS finishes this week (but only for the moment) with issue #12, which costs $4.99 and is worth every penny. Just sell off those old GATCHAMAN video cassettes if you need the money.

But bear in mind, you also have to buy the sixth and final issue of Volume 2 of Val Staples' excellent MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, which also ships this week. Val, can we please have your take on SHE-RA next? If you can make me like MASTERS, which I used to despise, who knows what you'll make me think of SHE-RA, which I loved? Pretty please, with sugar on

Cover art for BATMAN: TENSES #1.
© 2003 DC Comics

Once again, there's a lot of Bat-stuff out there, with BATMAN #618 (Loeb and Lee - yay!), BATMAN GOTHAM KNIGHTS, and the $19.95 trade paperback edition of BATMAN IN THE SIXTIES all shipping this week. But the big one to look out for is the first issue of the two-part BATMAN: TENSES, in which the Caped Crusader faces a villain who can see the future. You know, if he really could see the future, he'd have foreseen that this was only going to be a two-issue series and wouldn't even bother getting started, would

Cover art for BEWARE THE CREEPER #5.
© 2003 DC Comics

The Vertigo offerings this week include the Tim Agen-recommended LOSERS, the third issue of which hits the stands this week. You're also going to have to read the fifth and final issue of BEWARE THE CREEPER, if only to justify my showing you the cover. And if that's not enough, there's still HELLBLAZER #187! Good thing Vertigo only releases a few titles per week, or else we'd all be broke...

There's a whole lotta transforming going on this week, as TRANSFORMERS GENERATION ONE VOL 2 #5 (Of 6), TRANSFORMERS-GI JOE #1 (OF 6), and THE TRANSFORMERS MORE THAN MEETS EYE OFFICIAL GUIDE #5 (Of 8) all hit the stands this week. Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1985!

If you want to see what Judd Winick was doing before he revolutionized the superhero team for DC, check out the ADVENTURES OF BARRY WEEN BOY GENIUS and ADVENTURES OF BARRY WEEN BOY GENIUS 2.0 trade paperbacks, both available this week from Oni Press for $8.95. Also worth a look is Chynna Clugston-Major's BLUE MONDAY VOL 2: ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS trade paperback for $11.95 - even if she hasn't written for GREEN ARROW.

It's an X-citing week for X-fans (sorry, couldn't help myself) as EXILES #32, WOLVERINE #4, X-STATIX #12, and X-TREME X-MEN #30 all hit the stands. And Lord, here's the X-MEN EVOLUTION: VOL 2 trade paperback for $11.99! Winick, Rucka, Milligan...what did y'all do to deserve this? Oh, yeah, Claremont's in there, too, by the

The stark cover art for SUPERMAN: RED SON #3.
© 2003 DC Comics

While SUPERMAN #196 and the SUPERMAN & BATMAN: GENERATIONS trade paperback may be important (though in the latter case, I honestly don't know why), the big Super-Title to look for this week is Mark Millar's superb SUPERMAN: RED SON #3, as this glorious Elseworlds miniseries draws to a close. Please, sir, can we have a little more?

Bloody Vikings! No, it's not Monty Python, it's THOR: VIKINGS, the second issue of a five-part miniseries shipping this week. And no, I don't want any
Keith Giffen begins his life's work with REIGN OF THE ZODIAC #1.

© 2003 DC Comics

The first issue of Keith Giffen's Keith Giffen's self-proclaimed "life's work" hits the stands this week with the first issue of REIGN OF THE ZODIAC. And if you want to read another excellent series that Giffen used to write, LEGION #23 is also available. Ah, those were the days... (No offense, Dan and Andy, we love you, too!)

Take Tim Agen's advice (AGAIN!) and read EMPIRE #2, as well...You can never have too much Mark Waid in your life. Well, unless you're Bill Jemas, or just totally insane, of course. Only four issues left!

And speaking of which, Waid's run on FANTASTIC FOUR continues (but not for long) with issue #503. There's simply no justice in this universe, is there? And I'm not just talking about Reed's face,

Cover art for BORN #3.
© 2003 Marvel Characters Inc.

In BORN #3, Garth Ennis continues his story of the Punisher's origin and shows us the true meaning of "restraint" in comic book story telling. (Translation for the irony-impaired: I am so joking

Cover art for INHUMANS #4.
© 2003 Marvel Characters Inc.

And finally, Sean McKeever's excellent INHUMANS series continues with issue #4. If you have any money left, that is.