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The New iTunes


What do you think of it?

As for me, I like the fact that I can now add apps to my wish list.

But there's no longer an obvious way to see all apps/songs/whatever from a software vendor/artist/etc. with a link saying, "More apps from this vendor" or somesuch.

Only if you scroll to the bottom of the page do you see a bar with a hierarchical list can you click on their name and see everything.

But that isn't obvious at all.

Until you put two and two together you're left scratching your head in puzzlement. :confused:
The interface should either be changed to better improve the listings, and split off the 'store' elements from the 'media on my system(s)' elements, because right now you don't know what's connected, synced, a store or a list of data - well, for me it's obvious but I have friends and family that don't use iTunes because it gets confusing for them.

I haven't found the wish list just yet, but I will go look after this post :) I find that quite interesting! It's also a great indicator for developers as to what users are willing to pay for their apps, or perhaps expecting it to cost.

Personally I wish the store would become a store, and the iTunes media stuff would remain was it is. They've now also got the Mac App Store, but that's separate. Hm.

Let's hope it's a growing pains thing and everything smooths out as Apple figures things out in the coming year(s).