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Stream ShoutCast Servers on a Web Page


Staff member
Hi this is Willy V. of DOFCH

Here I will show you exactly how to Stream ShoutCast Servers on your own Personal Web Page, also I will show you how to create the PopUp Windows for Each one.

In my Demonstration I will show you two Streams one for BroadBand & for Dial-Up all this information will be covered in my attached files for you to see and a Live Demo Page as well.

I also included how to do the popup windows for each one & the player scripts I use to.
that supports Windows Media Player, Real Player, Quicktime Player, & WinAmp/iTunes Player

Compliments of Willy V. myself of www.DOFCH.com

(Notes) The file I have attached is a text file. That shows users how to Stream ShoutCast Servers using Embedded Player with PopUp Windows for thier Websites & included as well in the player icons in a (.zip) file and an (html) page to view them Live in action.