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Spirit Matter


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Spirit Matter: The Complete Story

Andrew Welsh and Fareed Abdallah better known as Spirit Matter have been writing Hip Hop, Freestyle, Alternative Rock and Dance since they met in Hell's Kitchen's, P.S. 111 in the 4th grade. They were known as The Bad Boys Crew Formerly known as Grand Fury and The Mighty Future Force with Blake Wilson, Johnny Rock and Kayel Mr. Blast (now known as K7/TKA) Andrew and Fareed were part of the early eighties Hip Hop movement at the Roxy in the years of 1982-1984. Grand Fury and the Mighty Future Force were known for their classic Hip Hop performance opening up for Charlie Chase, Tony Tone and the Cold Crush Brothers on August 19th 1983 at the legendary Roxy aka 1018 in New York City. In 1984 Grand Fury and The Mighty Future Force worked on some demo tapes with Cult Jam and Full Force and Fareed Abdallah shopped the demos with a determination of an industry veteran, some of the labels that considered signing the group was Street Wise Records (of New Edition fame) Vanguard Records, Emergency Records (of Shannon Fame) and Tommy Boy Records (of Afrika Bambaata & The Soul Sonic Force/Planet Rock fame).

After parting ways with Kayel and Grand Fury the Mighty Future Force put together a crew called the Death City Boyz (DCB) they recorded at Eric Matthews Recording Studios in Long Island New York with Cesar Matos on production. DCB originally recorded a Rap Called Why Me? Which was never released to the major public and that is when DCB met Tony Torres, Stephen Kourlas and the now Techno Legend DJ Frankie Bones. DCB recorded a demo called The Bopsey Twins under the production of Tony Torres and Stephen Kourlas with Biz Markie on the Human Beat Box and was instantly signed to Snowflake Records in 1985. Snowflake executives rejected the Human Beat Box version with Biz Markie and wanted a more dance oriented version of the Bopsey Twins which was recorded at Power Play Studios with edits by Omar Santana. Mike Hughes from Full Force Cult Jam fame used to give Fareed his opinion and he said "The demo version could have been a big Hit” he did not like the Dance/Electro version of Bopsey Twins. The Bopsey Twins aired on Mister Magic's Rap Attack and was well received in 1985 but like Mike predicted it was not a big hit as Hip Hop was headed to a harder sound and Snowflake Records let Marley Marl of the Juice Crew fame take over the label. DCB split up after Bopsey Twins, the track is famous for being DJ Frankie Bones first mix and it is now considered a classic Electro Hip Hop jam.

In 1986 Andrew Welsh aka Andevol and Fareed B. Abdallah formed Spirit Matter. Spirit Matter recorded various demo tapes with keyboardist vocalist Izzy Flores now famous for his production on Orange Juice Jones' "The Rain" and Trilogy's "Red Hot". Spirit Matter recorded a Latin Hip Hop/Freestyle song entitled "Innocent" produced by Izzy Flores and mixed by Freddy Bastone at I.N.S recording studios and edited by the late Chep Nunez (R.I.P). Fareed once again was at the shopping the demo phase and although Freddy Bastone got us in the door of practically every major label Innocent did not get signed. Although Atlantic Records was interested in the song for the group Company B, Spirit Matter was determined to pave their own path in dance music. Then on one fateful day Fareed ran into Frankie Bones at Eddie Rivera's RPBC record pool in New York City and the minute Frankie Bones heard Innocent, he offered Spirit Matter an audition to record a track called "Crimes Of Passion" that he and Tommy Musto were working on at Northcott Productions Midnight Sun Records/Tropical Heat Records. Bones gave Spirit Matter a tape of the instrumental with a chorus that he and Musto wrote and Spirit Matter wrote the verses and bridges and made up the harmony for the chorus. After auditioning in front of Tommy Musto, Silvio Tancredi, Eddie Mercado and Howie Smith of Smitty Boy Mgmt. Spirit Matter was signed to Tropical Heat Records and Crimes of Passion became a huge hit in New York and Miami in 1987 and the follow up hit "Betrayal" produced by Spirit Matter (1989) is now considered one of the first true Latin Hip Hop tracks with live percussion and the first to sample live guitar power chords with a pure House mix (La Casa Mix) as a bonus version. Crimes of Passion made number 3 in sales in South Florida and with Betrayal Spirit Matter paved the way for Latinos in the English language Pop/Dance music market.

Connect with Spirit Matter

It is now 2010 and Spirit Matter is back with a CD entitled "Midnight Angel" an Alternative, Freestyle, Pop sound that has survived the test of time. Midnight Angel includes the Dance Classics "Crimes of Passion" and a Re-Edit of "Betrayal" by Da Edit Junkies and is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, emusic and Napster. Source: Fareed Abdallah founding member of Spirit Matter.

Midnight Angel track listing:
1. Midnight Angel (Radio Mix)
2. Betrayal (Club Re-Edit by Da Edit Junkies)
3. Sad (Live Mix)
4. Midnight Angel (Club Edit)
5. Crimes Of Passion (Club Mix)
6. Midnight Angel (Hector D. Torres Bonus Beats) available only on CD

Available to buy from here:
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/midnight-angel/id353728672
emusic: http://www.emusic.com/album/Spirit-Matter-Midnight-Angel-MP3-Download/11823934.html
Rhapsody: http://www.rhapsody.com/spirit-matter/midnight-angel
Napster: http://home.napster.com/ns/music/artist_search.html?artist_id=13006937
Amazon: [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Angel/dp/B0037B9NWK/ref=sr_shvl_album_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1266263480&sr=301-1"]Amazon.com: Midnight Angel: Spirit Matter: MP3 Downloads[/ame]
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