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Sims online


New Member
Ok Ok I know I havent been around for a while but check this out! My new passion is the original sims online.( Not sims 2 or any of the others) Im so addicted! For those of you who play my character lives in Alphaville and her name is Sofia Serano ( borrowed from Vanilla sky- my favorite movie) Anyway...I own an entertainment house there and a way I get other sims to come to my house is by having dance til you drop contests and invite live dj's to do there thing live at my house. But guess what? THEY ALL SUCK! So I was thinking....wouldnt it be cool for the dj's at 90.7 ( Or any of us who faithfully listen ) to be hooked up from the station and playing at the same time? What a great way to expose everyone out there the music we all love so much and have fun playing with our favorite songs. So please respond and if you play....Come check me out! Sofia Serano city: Alvahille House: Pooh c-cat Dollhouse. CPR? email me if you have any questions . You should at least try it