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Shock From Brother Makes Three

Brother Makes Three is one person Joe Lopez AKA "Shock" Was Childhood Friends With the group 2 in a room. 2 in a room plus one hence the name "Brother Makes Three".

It Began In New York City In January 1991 with Cardiac/Virgin Recording Artist Brother Makes Three (Shock) took NYC by storm right off the test pressing box with the debut single "Do Ya Wanna Dance".

As of January 17th, 1991 "Do You Wanna Dance" was the fifth most requested song on Hot 97 WQHT in New York City. Once it hit the stores Cardiac Records Reported sales of 20,000 in the first week alone. As momentum Escalated, The Legendary Palladium called Brother Makes Three to book the the group four times in one call. Then a slew of other clubs nationwide booked the group to perform, "Do Ya Wanna Dance" also appeared as background music in syndicated Soap Opera's like "One Life To Live" By March "Do Ya Wanna Dance was "Number 1" On hot 97.

Joe Lopez (Shock) Grew up Uptown In Washington Heights where he attended George Washington HS and discovered he had a talent for Dance. He entered the school talent contest and won first prize. He also won first prize at his local church (Incarnation) Furthermore, he entered a Dance Contest at the World Famous "Roxy" Nightclub and won fourth prize and an appearance on Showtime the Movie Channel for a Documentary called "Body Magic" based on Break Dancing. Afterwards he started Writing Music Similar to what inspired him to Dance, and hooked up with his childhood buddies 2 in a room who were enjoying success from their massive hit "Wiggle it" they in turn hooked Shock on to a few people in the business such as Oscar Poche and Roman Richardo.

Working with these guys he got to record "2 top ten Billboard Hits" "Do Ya Wanna Dance" and "I Wanna". He also got to do a remake of Cheryl Lynn's Disco Classic "Shake It Up Tonight" for his third single later that year he recorded his debut album with Cardiac records entitled "Chillin At A Club" Eventually all this "Hype" led to local and nationwide TV Appearances such as "The Party Machine" (with Nia Peebles) and "Dance Party USA."

Shock was included in publications like "Dance Music Report", "Street Sounds", "Ground level", "and "DJ Times". Shock graced the stage with other performers, just to include a few, Crystal Waters, Boys 2 Men, Salt N Pepa, Real 2 Reel, Madonna, C & C Music Factory, 2 In A Room, india, Coro, Noel, George Lamond, Lisette Melendez, Judy Torres, Jomanda, Seduction, Ralph Tresvant, Brand Nubian, Naughty By Nature, and K-7.

Shock also filmed a small segment at The New York Hilton called "Music Gia" which aired in Japan. Being aware of all the current social issues, Shock decided to participate in several concerts to benefit the homeless and to fight the dreaded disease AIDS and that took place in Los Angeles in 1991. Also during this year , Shock was nominated for "The Best Dance Impact" Category in the Sixth Annual Proset New York Music Awards held at the Beacon Theater.

Like many other Performers Shock's Influences took him back to the Old School with Pioneers Such as Afrika Bambatta and the Soul Sonic Force, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, and Run DMC. Shock Has also worked with a roster of talent including Maurice Joshua, Eric Kupper, and Will Downing. He also appeared in 2 In A Room and The Wepa Man's Video "El Trago" (The Drink). Unfortunately Cardiac Records Folded when EMI bought out Virgin and eliminated the subsidary Labels of Virgin including Cardiac, and Charisma. Shock was picked up by Strictly Rhythm Records home of worldwide sensation Real to Reel (I like to Move it, Move it) and recorded a Single called "Weekend" under the Artist Name "Shock" You can catch Brother Makes Three currently on tour at a city near you! and Assisting with his Brother's Company Newlite Muzik.

Thanks: DJ Glenn Friscia for pumpin the hell out of the song's and management. AM/PM Entertainment especially Vito Bruno & Carolyn Thornton. Oscar Poche, Roger Pauletta, Dose, Glady's Pizarro & Eduardo Leon. Thanks Sonny Lopez For Always Supporting & Serena Calo. Keep Dancin!
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