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Setting Up An External Drive And I Have Some Questions


I recently bought a Western Digital MyBook Studio Edition II 4 TB External Hard Drive because my laptop's almost full of crap.

I have about 5 GB of space remaining and I need to clear out space really soon.

I hooked it up to my PowerBook G4 which runs Mac OS 10.5.8, turned it on and turned on TimeMachine to create a backup of my files. I have yet to move my files to the new drive because I needed to figure out how to safely remove them. I've learned how I can safely remove my music files, I haven't learned how to remove my picture files just yet but it's probably a similar process

I've spent the past week or so learning what HFS+ is, what RAID 0 and RAID 1 is and what partitioning a drive is all about so hopefully I'm up to speed in this area. This is all uncharted territory for me so I'm a little concerned about screwing up my files and what is the best approach to take.

As a little test, I moved 1 file to the external drive to see what happens. I then later realize that other account holders can see the same file. That's not too cool. I sometimes have my little cousins run about my house and I don't really want them messing around with sensitive files on accounts I create for them.

Is there a way to hide these files? Maybe with some Administrator settings? I figured out I can hide the drive from the desktop and the sidebar but that wouldn't prevent someone from accidentally getting to the root folder and seeing the drive there.

Also, is it better to use TimeMachine or should I use Western Digital's formatting and backup software?

Ultimately, I'd really like the maximum amount of protection so what I'd like to do is set up my drive in RAID 1 mode and have my files safe from prying eyes, either from people using my laptop or if the drive gets stolen.

Of course, I'd have to erase the drive since I've already backed up my files but it's OK, I haven't moved anything yet so I'm willing to start over.

Any advice from people that'd know more than me?


Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
the only way to prevent people from seeing files on the external drive is to password protect the drive.

I would suggest using Time Machine as it backs up your entire computer hard drive and allows you to get access from any of the files should you happen to delete one or more files by accident.

Copying files over to the external drive is as simple as drag and drop into a folder you create onto the external drive.

Moving pictures over from a Mac, *if you are using iPhoto* you will have to move the iPhoto library which should be in your ~/user/pictures folder.
I have a Powerbook G4 1,67ghz from end of 2005 and it's 80gb drive is basically full, the data on there that I need to secure goes to an external drive, and time machine. Two separate back ups just so I have direct access to the manual backup, while I can let the increment back ups of little things like address book and what not, be handled by Time Machine.

However, since security (due to company contracts and what not) is an issue, I use TrueCrypt to ensure the data is encrypted.

I've also done tests by moving it to the iMac which is Intel based, (which btw I used to format the firewire800 drive with). And both machines can write and read from it just fine.

So my tip is: consider encryption, so it's not locked into accounts, and can be restored under any account - but is still secure with a master password. And test it on various machines if possible.

The biggest tip: Even if you're not sure, back up anyway! Nothing worse than NOT having something backed up and then have a power surge or something ruining everything.