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RA Biography

I was born and raised in New York City by two very loving & humble Puerto Rican parents. I grew up in a home filled with tons of love, great food and a deep love for music. My parents loved Salsa music, so I grew up listening to all the big band greats like Hector Lavoe, Ismael Rivera and Frankie Ruiz. My parents also loved listening to the rhythmic sounds of Bomba & Plena which is the heart & soul of Puerto Rican folk culture. These two great musical genres influenced my interest in music at a very early age. I have vivid memories of my parents dancing, laughing and singing in our living room celebrating their passion for love, family and music. As a result I inherited their love for life and music.

My singing career started when I was about 13 years old. My best friend Hector Torres, a young poet then, turned his poems into songs. We both were inspired by the Dance Music boom of the late 1980's so Hector & I formed our first group called "Words in Motion". In 1987 we started performing throughout New York City in local clubs and private parties singing "Tell Me" and "Trying Not To Cry" both written by Hector Torres. Some of my performances included venues like the "Nuyorican Poets Cafe" and various benefit concerts.

In 1996 I recorded "Trying Not To Cry" at Unique Recording under Malcraio/Easy Street Records. I was blessed to work with several talented individuals who helped create what is now a treasured part of my personal history as a recording artist.

After I recorded "Trying Not To Cry" my career as a recording artist was put on hold because my father passed away shortly after my record was released. My father's passing away effected me in a profound way since he was my only living parent at that time. I lost my mother when I was only 13 years old so I was already struggling with a grieving heart. I decided to take a break from music to pursue other goals and interests while I healed.

I eventually found new paths to explore and in 2002 I met my current management partner, who has slowly but surely helped me get back involved with music.

So here I am picking up where I left off. I will start by sending a very big thank you to my GOD, my family, friends and all my special fans who have patiently waited for me. Thank you for your love, genuine words of encouragement and for being the gift & inspiration I need in my life. I look forward to sharing my voice and experiences with you, so please stay tuned.

Rene Alvarez Official Website: http://www.renealvarezmusic.com
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Rene Alvarez on MySpace: www.myspace.com/renealvaremusic
Rene Alvarez on Twitter: www.twitter.com/renealvarzmusic

Trying Not To Cry (Remix) Available to buy from here:
CDBaby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/renesounds
iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trying-not-to-cry/id320090209
Amazon: [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Trying-Not-to-Cry/dp/B002CEBJPW"]Amazon.com: Trying Not to Cry: Rene: MP3 Downloads[/ame]
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Hey Rene big fan of your music since its very RARE and unheard by many. But now thanks to freestyle.fm alot of people can hear it.


Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Great to have you here Rene! Your music lives on at Freestyle.fm!
Great to have you here. You are now part of the biggest family in the country. The Freestyle.FM fam.:Banana09::tgif::Banana01::bananalam


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DJ Wil, I'll be on the F.FM chat room tonight. Hit me up all I need is your email and I'll send you some mixes peace.


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Hey Rene, thanks for being here at FS.FM..., I always enjoy your song, btw, thanks for the bio, and the myspace link...I added you...


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
I got your record back in 1997 and gave it mad play on my mixtapes during that time. Other DJs in Chicago gave it a lot of spin also. Your music probably reached more people than you are aware of. It's one of the few "new school" freestyle records to get mixshow play on chart hit radio here in the CHI as Tim "Spinnin" Schommer would play it on a regular in his weekly B96 mixes. It's nice to finally be able to put a face on that record. Much props.
Thanks for keeping the Freestyle spirit ALIVE!

Bro! I think I speak I speak for others when I say Thanks for keeping the freestyle spirito ALIVE! Keep up the good work! I remember growing up in Toronto listening to the Gino beats. It still sounds as good as it did back in the day.:cool:


Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Rene, what can we say Hombre, your song is slamming. I don't know if its in the works mang, but you need to put out another traX. Enough with the remiXes and the remakes bro, bust another groove. Bust another hit mang!!

DJ Dee X-M:cool:n
Marvel ComiX


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Oh I agree X that's my first & last Remix... I just wanted to come back with my Original song with an updated sound for the new mellinium. As far as new stuff is concerned I have something that's going to hit hard! Very soon! I'll keep you guys posted on my new joint.
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