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Raftree Releases First Indie Rock CD The Long Way

New Jersey based Raftree began their story in 2006 and after things came together and the timing was right they released their debut. The Long Way is bound to satisfy the rock audience as well as hard rock and metal enthusiasts everywhere.

The band features its namesake Ken Raftree, an accomplished singer/songwriter/guitarist fronting the band with Paul J. Baccash (guitar), Scott Jackson (bass) and Vincent Livolsi (drums) to fill out the aggressive, hard edged but melodic Raftree sound.

The Long Way connects instantly with listeners with lights out guitar playing, a powerhouse rhythm section and the expressive vocals and lyrics of their leader Ken Raftree. The album kicks into high gear at the onset with the energetic "What I Say" followed by raucous tracks such as "Over And Over" that drive home the Raftree sound with authority.

The Long Way is a well-produced hard rocking collection of songs that never takes the foot off the gas. This is a top of the line indie release that is major league in production and sound. Raftree could not have done any better for a debut release and most certainly have a bright future ahead.

The Long Way is the shortest road to hard rock heaven so let Raftree show you the way. You can visit the Raftree website to find out more about the band and become a part of their vast social network of sites and media.

Website: http://www.raftreeband.com
Music: http://www.cdfreedom.com/raftree