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Punk It! From Beijing To London

"Imagine three farmer boys from Hebei province defying all odds to play punk music. By chance, they stumbled upon the Global Battle of the Bands contest. With their glam rock outfit and flamboyant stage presence, they went on to win the 2009 GBOB contest in London, beating many seasoned bands along the way. This documentary traces the odyssey of three young man from China who love rock and roll and dare to dream."

As the (AIS) prepare to retain the Global Battle of the Bands (GBOB) trophy for China, video portal Niurenku ??? unveiled a rockumentary that gives us an idea of what they may be going through. "Punk It! From Beijing to London" traces the story of how Beijing punk band RUSTIC clinched the 2009 GBOB world title that AIS will defend in Kuala Lampur on February 26th. We ad featured a prior Niurenku video of AIS' trek to Hong Kong to win the GBPB China title in November.