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Piña Colada

One of the quatricentennial houses along Calle Fortaleza, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico's main street, bears a sign that claims that Piña Colada was invented there.

We don't know that for a fact. What we can tell you is that Piña Colada is now known around the world as a symbol of the Tropics. The name evokes thoughts of palm trees, sandy beaches, hula dances, lelolais, and all sorts of exotic, romantic happenings.

Try it. You'll like it!


6 fluid ounces Pineapple juice (preferably, of course, pineapple chunks from a fresh pineapple)
2 fluid ounces Coconut cream (available canned under several brand names. The best known is Coco Lopez, Real Cream of Coconut.
3 to 4 cups of Ice
Slices of pineapple, orange or lime
Paper umbrellas (?)
In a blender, grind ice while gradually adding the pineapple and the coconut cream. Alternatively, use shaved ice. The ice should be thick enough to hold a cherry on top without sinking in. Serve in a tall glass with a straw. Garnish with one cherry and a slice of fruit. Insert a paper umbrella for that additional tropical, exotic touch.
Girl...I make these year round...the exact recipe...lol. For some reason, this is the only drink my peeps like that I make.....cause I know they'll be asking for it....I need to find some lil Christmas decorations for the drinks...lol. Except they always end up asking for the Bacardi bottle, they complain I don't put enuff cause I don't drink....bunch of lushes.