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PC Patch Notes for 5/16/19

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General: Resolved a potential crash when loading outfits in the Tailor. UI: Added the Bonus Discovery Marks cooldown to the Reward Cooldowns UI. Content: Resolved a potential crash when speaking to Lorca during, “Impossibility of Reason”. Resolved an issue that was preventing Discovery Captains from accessing the Klingon War Arc on new accounts. Updated rewards for "Impossibility of Reason" so that players receive both the Nanofiber Jacket costume unlock and the special bat'leth on first play. Added the Nanofiber Jacket Costume Unlock to "Impossibility of Reason" replay reward options, for players that may have missed it on their first play. Warden Vosker should no longer disappear after Landry saves Aakar during the episode, “Plausibility of the Possible”. Systems: Faulty Section 31 Holo-Disguise Updates: Updated the Faulty Holo Disguise to only allow a single instance of the Toggle to be active at a time. Resolved an issue where the Faulty Holo-disguise wasn’t appropriately interacting with meleeing. Resolved an issue that was causing the entire stack of Faulty S31 Holo-Device to be consumed when using 1. Item now comes as a stackable box which opens into an unstackable version. Updated tooltips and descriptions for the Faulty Holo Disguise. Covert Minelayer Suite Updates: Resolved an issue that was causing Quantum mines to never leave creep mode. Resolved an issue that was preventing the Mine Creep from working on leveless versions of the console. Resolved an issue that was preventing various Universal Consoles from being affected by Unconventional Systems. Resolved an issue that that prevented the Mind Meld Device from being redeemed if it had been discarded. Known Issues: Completing a Duty Officer assignment with unbound officers causes them to become bound. Many abilities (particularly ground weapons) may be missing one tick of damage per activation, decreasing their expected damage output over time. There is a known issue that prevents players from unboxing their Jem'Hadar Vanguard ships in some cases.

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