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PC Patch Notes for 3/19/20

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General: Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause item names to not appear in various stores. Duty Officer Pack Updates: Removed the Reinforcements pack from the Duty Officer tab Changed the price of the Gamma, Delta, Romulan, and Fleet Duty Officer Packs to 300 ZEN Added an Uncommon and Rare Duty Officer to each of the 4 themed packs mentioned above so they give out 4 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare along with their bonus item. These have a chance for a higher quality so you should never see more than 4 common and you should always get 9 Duty Officers total. Moved the bonus prize in the Gamma pack of 4 fleet modules out and replaced it with the Tuffli Class Freighter. Removed the 4 Fleet Module Rewards from the Delta Pack which increases the chance at winning the traits as a bonus reward. Created a Duty Officer bundle which has 1 of each of the 4 themed doff packs in them for a discounted price. Systems: Removed the EC cost associated with altering the Name and Registry of player starships.

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