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PC Patch Notes for 2/27/20

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General: There is now a listed expiration date on the "Winter (Ended)" Event display of 4/2/20. After that date, players will not be able to use any partial progress to purchase the ship at a discount. Resolved an issue where some other Romulan Captains could look identical to Hakeev. Ships: Resolved an issue with the Discovery-Era Constitution in which the nacelle endcaps were very bright. Character: Added “Combed Back 2” as a hair option for Male Characters: This hair is only available to characters with a traditional “Humanoid” head type The “Combed Back” Hair option has been renamed to “Combed Back 1” Added the following additional Hair options for Female Characters: Short 04 – Version 2 Short 06 – Version 2 Short 07 – Version 2 The “Short Classic” hair style been renamed to “Short 05” Adjusted the Emanciaptor Upper so that it fits more Pants and Skirts outfit pieces. Talaxian Eyebrows appear as an option if the Top Hat uniform option is selected. Systems: The following items can now be stacked up to 9999 in a single stack, up from previous values: Lobi Crystals R&D Materials R&D Catalysts R&D Components Tech Upgrades Tech Accelerators Omega Particle Components Lock Boxes Injury Kits (Regenerators and Components) The per character cap on Fleet Dilithium Vouchers has been increased from 10 million to 100 million. Dilithium Store Updates: Reduced prices on Environmental Suits available in the Dilithium Store. Consumable Devices on the Dilithium Store have had their prices reduced to 1/10th of their previous price. Lobi Store Updates: The following Costumes have been removed from the Dilithium Store and added to the Costumes section of the Lobi Store, at the following price points: MACO Uniform (22nd Century): 300 Lobi The Wrath of Khan Engineer's Vest: 200 Lobi The Wrath of Khan Excursion Jacket: 200 Lobi The Wrath of Khan Captain's Vest: 150 Lobi Admiralty Updates: The rewards received for completing the 10th step of the Tour of Duty for the Klingon Empire Admiralty Campaign have been changed from 30,000 Dilithium Ore, to 40,000 Fleet Dilithium Vouchers. This is essentially Refined Dilithium, but may only be used as an input in Fleet Projects. The rewards received for completing the 10th step of the Tour of Duty for the Ferengi Alliance Admiralty Campaign have been changed from 30,000 Dilithium Ore, to 30,000 Dilithium Ore Bonus Pool. This will grant a 50% bonus to most sources of Dilithium Ore received, until the Pool is depleted. Resolved an issue that caused the turn rate of the Miracle Worker Flight Deck Carriers to be lower than intended. Updated the tooltip for the Built to Last starship trait to better describe its functionality. This is a tooltip change only.

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