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PC Patch Notes for 2/20/20

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General: Updated Memorial plaque to include Kevin Conway Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause the proper FX to not play when using Feign Disintegration power. Resolved an issue where the playing cards in the player's hand could occasionally persist after the emote has ended. Resolved graphical issues with Screen Space Ambient Occlusion on Dranuur Colony. Content: Reduced the damage output of all enemies (including the mini-boss) during the first mini-boss fight of the final ground act of "Measure of Morality, Pt 2". TNG Enterprise NPC’s updated to use the correct costumes. Updated and added more lines of dialogue in the episode, “Measure of Morality”. Ships: Minor visual updates to the DSC Constitution. Adjusted the firing nodes on the Kelvin Constitution Beyond Refit so that phasers in the 5th node fire from the correct spot on the hull. The Columbia Class Light Escort Nacelles are now correctly paired when selected in the ship customization screen. Systems: The Glenn-Class Legendary Science Vessel Variant can now be exported to GamePrint. Resolved an issue that caused most Legendary Ships to display an incorrect description of their Starship Traits. Resolved an issue that prevented Saucer Separation from separating your saucer when activated on the Legendary Command Exploration Cruiser [T6] Resolved an issue that caused the Legendary Command Dreadnought Cruiser to be missing the Odyssey bridges. Resolved an issue that caused the Legendary Pilot Warship to have the Escort Mastery package, instead of the Warship Mastery package. Resolved an issue that caused the Legendary Miracle Worker Multi-Mission Science Vessel to not animate correctly in some cases. Resolved an issue that caused the Legendary Miracle Worker Assault Cruiser [T6] to not come equipped with the Wide-Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher. Resolved an issue that caused the Legendary Kelvin Timeline Intel Battlecruiser to be missing a 5th fore weapon in some cases Resolved an issue that could cause some TOS-era enemies to drop items at the incorrect mark level in some cases. Resolved an issue that was causing the Retrofitted Assimilator to be able to assimilate Undine and Borg ships. Resolved an issue that caused Transcranial Sensor Link to reward less Shield Penetration than intended. Now rewards 10 per stack. Improved "The Best Diplomat" Starship Trait: Swapped the increased Damage to increased Bonus Damage Slightly increased the power requirement threshold. Overall performance significantly improved. Resolved an issue where Adaptive Offense was incorrectly calculating its values. The "Scramble Fighters" and "Fiery Entrance" Starship Traits should no longer put ships that use them into Combat, if not already in Combat.

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