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Paris And The Hiltons' "Goodbye The Tyrants"

Phil Jourdan of the U.K. electronic/rock act Paris and the Hiltons recently sat down with MusicDish to discuss the track "Goodbye the Tyrants" off the band's debut album. Released in February, "Prettyface Tinybruise" is available for purchase at iTunes and Amazon.com as well as available for streaming at http://official.fm/tracks/232836

Commenting on the track, Jourdan said, "I wanted to write a "heavy" synth-driven song. Originally the sound was a lot sparer and stripped-down, but eventually I settled on making it more musically complex and adding various bits to it to make it interesting. The lyrics weren't an issue at that point."

Describing the song's message, he continued, stating, "It's political to the extent that unlike most of the other songs on the album, it seems to show an awareness of the world outside my head. I suppose it's an exploration of my political stances, though that's probably giving it too much credit. I remember when writing the lyrics that I was going for self-contradiction. I find most people to be pretty self-contradictory when they talk about politics."

"Goodbye the Tyrants" takes on a confrontational tone: "I'm a fascist on the Left, the only hero you have left". The mostly synth-based song brings Phil Jourdan's original flavor to the music, yet bears the reminiscence of With Teeth and Year Zero-era Nine Inch Nails, combing the sound of an underground electro-indie act with Trent Reznor's angry, volatile sneer. The line, "Orwell's books were all the rage, but no one ever read past the first page" (among others) predicts the downfall of humanity under the storm of totalitarian dictatorship.

"Goodbye the Tyrants" can be purchased at iTunes and Amazon.com:
[ame="http://www.amazon.com/Goodbye-The-Tyrants/dp/B004R8NPDK/"]Amazon.com: Goodbye The Tyrants: Paris: MP3 Downloads[/ame]

Although Phil Jourdan formed the electronic-rock solo act Paris and the Hiltons in 2007 and has made several recordings since that time, he considers "Prettyface Tinybruise," released in March 2011, to be his debut album. Jourdan, who began playing the guitar and bass in high school, is also a singer and songwriter. "Prettyface Tinybruise" is a record of how he dealt with his mother's death in 2009. He enlisted the aid of fellow band member Sam Folkes from the electronic-cabaret rock group Dawn of the Gecko to play piano on "Prettyface Tinybruise," but insists the two acts are quite different. "Paris and the Hiltons isn't about making funny music. Sometimes it sounds that way, because either the songs have silly lyrics or the music is silly. But it's a much more serious project. Paris and the Hiltons is kind of depressing sometimes. Other times it's moronic. I wouldn't call Dawn of the Gecko moronic — just good fun." "Prettyface Tinybruise" is currently available for purchase at iTunes and Amazon.