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MY First Pro GIG / large public event

Discussion in 'Da DJ Booth' started by Greasy, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. Greasy

    Greasy New Member Freestyle.FM Dee Jays

    OK so I have been asked to DJ & Help MC

    a fairly large outdoor event !!!!!!! in Philadelphia !!!!

    It is a BMX & Vintage Bike Show / Retro& custom Build competition & Expo

    Venue is FDR skate park ( under I-95 )
    This is one of the highest rated public Open air skate parks in the country
    It is also where they held gravity games finals & X-Games Finals
    It is also featured on the Game "Tony Hawk - Proving Grounds"

    I have a friend in the Pro BMX / Freestyle Bike circles

    100+ bikes and displays 100-200 people ( maybe less / maybe more )

    SO ......I have to do some prep

    1. I have to check the range on PA / Mic in an open air setting
    2. check range of music / in open air w/ current amp & speakers
    3. peep the venue and fairgrounds / were they want to announce from / gauge how far / the majority of exhibitors are to were they want / the music heard the most
    4. acquire and test generators
    5. as always back up back up backup
    6. music - I already have a basic Idea of possible tracks& sets but I have asked to get Req/ playlists suggestions from three of the youngest and three of the Older participants ( I plan on taking young list / my list & old head list to come up with a few flowing but eclectic sets )
    I am also planning to preview some similar events videos and listen for type of hype tracks

    probably do a few pre mixed sets - for two reasons ( back up cds if lappy blows ) and so I can take a break and check out the bikes

    Any other advice or input would be great !!!!
  2. detroit33

    detroit33 New Member Freestyle.FM Dee Jays

    Congrats bro. Good luck.
  3. DaUnknownAdmin

    DaUnknownAdmin Captain Casual Staff Member Administrator Freestyle.FM Dee Jays

    All the best, I hope it goes awesome for you.
  4. Smokin_Endo

    Smokin_Endo New Member

    John I tried to call you today but your # isn't working right

    hit me up brother...we need to catch up

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