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mind went blankkk

i had this mix where this freestyle song\old school rap came on and they talked about the dj. and right when it mixed it would say( cause im gonna scratch it up and it goes like this). can anybody help please.


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Machado, I think some of the DJ's on here know this track...and if they don't know it, after this they may be looking for the acapella...lol! I'm not sure this is the track you are looking for, maybe you can supply more lyrics.

Anyways, based on what you gave, I'm gonna let you know about the song that comes to mind for me....and what a "coinky dinky" cause I was just talking about this song to somebody last week....cause it's one I love. I remember hearing it in alot of House & Freestyle mixes too. This particular song is Classic Chicago House (1984) by Z-Factor called "I Am The Dee Jay" (it has different versions and I've also seen it also titled as "I Am The D.J." When I went looking for the song I always thought the female on this track was Nocera or Divina (who sings on the MKG song "You Can't Fight Love").

The part of the song you mentioned is around 2:51

[nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4wBV_PnJ8Q&feature=related"]YouTube - Z-Factor - I Am The Dee Jay[/nomedia]

Here's the dub version and the one I know some male DJ's like because of...well u'll hear "her"...and the DJ's attitude on this track period is well....that's why it's classic.

[nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWnDvrKjpDQ&feature=related"]YouTube - Z-Factor - I Am The D.J. (Dub) 1985[/nomedia]

Oh yeah....@ Ted, if you have this in your stash, let me know, I may request it during "Goya"...TY!
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