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Meet U.K. Electronic Rock Act Paris And The Hiltons

Hailing from the U.K., electronic rock act Paris and the Hiltons was founded in 2007 by solo member Phil Jourdan. Jourdan expects to release his debut LP this month.

Jourdan began playing the guitar and bass in high school, learning the bass first at age fourteen and the guitar one year later. In addition to being a musician, Jourdan is also a singer/songwriter, and formed the electronic-rock solo act Paris and the Hiltons in 2007. He decided on the name after seeing it in an online discussion about "stupid potential band names". Commenting on the decision, he said, "One man's trash is another man’s treasure."

Jourdan is also a member of the cabaret electronic rock band Dawn of the Gecko, along with Sam Folkes, who will make an appearance on the debut album for Paris and the Hiltons. But make no mistake about it, the two are very separate bands. "Paris and the Hiltons isn't about making funny music. Sometimes it sounds that way, because either the songs have silly lyrics or the music is silly. But it's a much more serious project. It takes up a lot more of my time, and I've recorded over a hundred songs under the name Paris and the Hiltons. Most of them are sitting on my hard drive and will never be released because they are awful." Elaborating further, he said, "Paris and the Hiltons is kind of depressing sometimes. Other times it's moronic. I wouldn't call Dawn of the Gecko moronic — just good fun."

Asserting that memories, megalomania, and mourning are the inspiration for his music, he makes it known that it’s also a labor of love, and a lot of effort goes into it. "Music, like anything else, isn't just about how inspired you feel. And that sucks, but so will your music if you don't sweat a little."