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Legacy 2 Chicago - Javier Romero Lead Singer of Legacy

Legacy 2 Chicago - Javier Romero 2nd Lead Singer of Legacy

The Official Chicago’s Own Legacy Freestyle Biography
Author: Javier Romero; 2nd Lead Singer of Legacy

To all my family and friends. My name is Javier Romero, AKA “Javie” from the Chicago Freestyle singing group “Legacy”. I am now 37 years old and have missed much and lost much throughout the years. I have a beautiful 13 year old daughter (Taylor) whom without knowing helps me to continue believing that God will make a way. We request that you please help us make this way possible.

I’m 100% Mexican and am truly proud to be a Latino. I was born March 3rd 1971 in Los Angeles California. My sister the oldest Liz, my brother Jesse the middle one, and me being the youngest were raised by a wonderful single mother household by the name of Patricia Romero.

As far as I can remember, I always driven and was attracted towards music. Back in my childhood days, I sang in school plays and actually played trumpet in my school orchestra for seven years. Music inspired me early and became my center of attention.

One of my favorite era’s in music was the 80’s break dancing days. Throughout that time not only did I learn how to break dance, but I was introduced to the awesome art of mixing and scratching with Technics1200 turntables. I can still remember the first time I mixed one record into another. Listening to two songs merge into one or becoming one through the synchronization of the two tracks simultaneously playing at the same time had a powerful impact on me. It was at this moment for the first time that I was fully aware that me and music would have a profound relationship with each other.

In 1987 our family was financially forced to move to Chicago; the South-East side. It took a little time to adjust to the new city. Within a few months I met a couple of other guys that shared the same interest for Djing. We bought our records and equipment with the little money that we had,. We practiced day and night for months until we felt that we were good enough to form a DJ Crew.

I came up with a new name ‘Night Rhythm Production”. My Dj name became “How Mixin Javie”. We were given the opportunity to spin at many clubs, parties and other events. In 1988 at a local club, I met an individual that was spinning that night. He went by the name of “Jesse Jack the Beat Flores”. I mentioned about him to my Dj crew and convinced them to accept Jessee into the team. Jessee and I had dreams of doing big things together. That year, we threw our own Night Rhythm Production party and hired WBMX’s Bad Boy Bill to be the main event. That night was success for us. From that point on, Jessee and I became inseparable. We hung out all the time, and shared the same interests. One of our favorite types of music to spin was freestyle music. We knew that style of music and artists like the back of our hands.

We spent many nights walking in the bitter cold, that only windy city can offer. During those walks to and from our homes, we discussed about doing something else other than Djing. We both decided to “sing freestyle”. We looked up to many freestyle artists such as George Lamond, Cynthia, Judy Torres, Johnny O, The Cover Girls, and T.K.A. These were the inspiration to move us forward in pursuing our dream to one day perform on a bog stage and have tons people singing to our songs.

As time past, I witnessed many friends succumb to the “hood” life style that haunts anyone that ever lived in the ghetto. It offers false dreams and tempts many with deadly addictions. Some close friends of mine were hooked on drugs, others gave their lives to the gangs, while others were doing big time in prison or were killed. That was one big thing I feared the most. I felt I had so much to offer the world. I needed to do it for me, my family and all those other’s that were dreaming outside of the ghetto.

In 1991 Jessee and I decided to revise a new and better freestyle group, “Legacy”. The new group consisted of a three man group, Jessee, Javier (myself), and Juanie. The chemistry that we each brought to this group was unique in a way that only worked for us as Legacy. Later that year we signed a record deal with an independent record label out of Chicago (DJ International Records).

In the spring of 1992 we released our first single titled, “Girls Do it Just For Fun”. The Radio station B96 picked up our song and put in on light rotation. Within days and heavy requests, the song was played on regular rotation throughout the city radio stations. It didn’t stop there, huge requests, came in from Texas, New York, and Florida. With JJ Flores as our producer and our intense performances, it seemed we were becoming unstoppable in achieving our goal. Our dream was becoming real and attainable. That year we performed at one of the biggest events that summer, the Pan-American Fest in Grant Park with other freestyle artists. I remember some of the artists we looked up to (while we were still Djing) telling us we were making freestyle different, better, fresher, more commercial, and more acceptable to all.

1993 was a very busy year for us. We traveled to other major cities in the U.S. doing concert after concert. Even though we were away so long, we still managed to come back home to do charity events, such as A.I.D.S Awareness Foundation, doing promo spots on TV and radio. While being involved in the music industry, a little stroke of extra luck made its way to me. I was able to cross over into the acting side of the industry. That same year I was hired for my first job as an actor in an NBC TV series called “Missing Persons” starring “Jorja Fox” from C.S.I.. I was offered a great part in that episode. It aired that summer and it seemed that everyone was calling me “Eduardo”…the character I played. More auditions came my way and managed to work in the Motion Picture “BlankMan” with Damon Wayans and also worked in the TV Series of “The Untouchables”. My family was proud of me and I was also proud of myself. I knew that I still had much more way to go in order to reach for those stars.

Later that winter year, we decided to go back into the studio and work on our third single, “The Time is Right”. In many respects that title was almost a metaphor to the current stated of our career. We felt that it was indeed time to reach for bigger and higher sources in the music industry in order for us to truly a greater plateau.
After recording “The Time is Right” song we started production on the music video. We were given the honor to feature Chicago Cubs own “Sammy Sosa”. Things for use were moving forward in a way that seemed to only point to further success. With a very large fan base on our side, whom which we are truly and deeply grateful for having, Legacy would have just been a thought without action. We were at a critical stage in our career to move into ground breaking work. To say we were excited would have been an understatement.

In April 1995 the world in our life stood still. It was as if darkness fell upon us. My worst fears and nightmare had now become my reality. 14 years later, that same reality still haunts me daily. Sadly we are in a unlawful circumstance, a newspaper once said that we were victims of our own environment. Though we still find ourselves (Jessee and I) in a situation that is far out of our control. We can only continue to believe that one day soon this nightmare will come to an end and that our lives will be restored once again.

With the help of so many great wonderful friends, family, the long term devoted legions of fans of Legacy, we are now able to see light at the end of the dark, dark tunnel. That light is only getting bigger and bigger as each day goes by. This is why we encourage all those that come to this site to allow themselves to get involved in helping us come back home sooner than later.

We request that you please help us make this way possible.

Thank You Respectfully

Javier Romero


You can write to me personally at:

Javier Romero - K71209
6665 Route 146 East
Vienna, IL 62995

You can purchase one of our rare songs "I Couldn't Live Another Night Without You" at our Myspace website. OR buy it here:

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New Member
Thanks for the Bio, and glad that everything has worked out for you...
I do have a ?, why didn't you mention " Joel " on your Bio, he was part of the group back in 1989, then he went solo and recorded " Prisoner of Love "...1991..Just thought I'ed ask...


Its just a shame they cant give us the truth on what happened. All they do is say we were not guilty but really give us the whole truth on what happened like just dont sit there and say it wasnt our fault or we were wrongfully accused. That only goes so far but when you mention to us the whole story and i mean the WHOLE story then it sounds way better then saying the same thing over and over again.
Legacy 2 Javier Romero Bio

Freestyle Greek: They are still incarcerated and they cannot get into specifics on their situation, their case or court related matter. If that were not the case then maybe more information could be available.

Thank You for your comments
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New School Artist
Javi, you guys were and still are a big inspiration to me. I remember when i lived in Chicago, i would sit in my room and jam out to " Girls Do It Just for Fun " on WCYC! You guys are the reason why i did a couple of Freestyle tracks which later came out into my album " Come Back To Me " ... All the inspiration turned into my dream... Thank you guys for giving me strength and passion i have for music... You guys rock!


That sucks they cant speak out about what happened cause i bet someone doesnt want them out.


with a "K" =P
Greek...chill out. When the time is right I'm sure they'll tell their side.

It's not for you to speculate and criticize.
First and Foremost, I like to introduce myself, My name is Israel Rodriguez, who have been a long time music lover. One of the issue I've always had with Legacy and there number # 1 hit, Girls do it for fun, was the song and music was never theirs. The music/words/sounds/lyrics, were all created and produce by Joel Rodriguez, & Richie Munoz back in 1986 in Joel's home town. I remember this very well because, Joel is my brother, who i introduced an attorney, to represent him for infringement of music against Legacy years ago. I don't like bringing up the past but the truth of the matter is that Legacy's name has been tainted very badly in all kind of ways, which i don't like to bringing up. I was a strong advocate against the new members of Legacy, which at one time was named, Latin Legacy. I strongly encouraged my brother to leave the group and go on his own at which time he did and produced several songs after leaving the group. One of the song he made was, Prisoner of Love, which he produced and wrote by himself. Before Legacy was created, It was Joel who brought Jesse in, to perform at different events. As everyone knows in all of Northwest Indiana, Legacy was started by three young teenagers in East Chicago who inspired to be the best, in region. Joel, Richie had made many songs together which were later copy right and produced by DJ international and another record company. Both Richie and Joel are no longer singing but there music is still being played all throughout Northwest Indiana. As for Jesse, I hope for him the very best, its unfortunate what had happen but I'm not a Judge and i wasn't there, so I don't have no opinion on that. I leave this message with, a poem. The song and the silence in the heart, That in part are prophecies, and in part Are longings wild and vain. And the voice of that fitful song Sings on, and is never still: "A boy's will is the wind's will,
And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts." (in other words) Regardless of my Opinion, Music never Dies.
Freestyle Greek: They are still incarcerated and they cannot get into specifics on their situation, their case or court related matter. If that were not the case then maybe more information could be available.

Thank You for your comments
if they really cant get into specific detail of the situation, then how the hell did some crazy old fan named Joni get so much information about the case as she claims? she apparently has court documents and other information that she has received from the the these two criminals and their families.. so she claims.. maybe so much information about the case should not get out to random groupie fans...