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kt,check me out


New Member
Money on my head, niggas tryin to drop me
Knockin niggas out like rocky
Da trigga in pop mode
20 iinch rims, I got garage flows
Im the worlds best,
yo girl gimme neck
I attack wit fire
Summer time coming, finna be strapped wit a visor
Lay a nigga out,I got pillows in my words
Getting too damn fly, yes im chillin wit da birds
Niggas got problems,time to re-load
And im all dat green like cee-lo
Not a success, but im above a failure
Cant see these puss ass niggas like hellen keller
Bitch wat I tell ya
Call me kt-heater
On fire like dat reefer
Run yo ass down like a cheater
Bullet hit u hard like Derek jeter
Yea I think im a-rod
Bitch im known to play hard
And im in dis bitch like a day job