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Mutli-talented Freestyle artist and songwriter Korell is no stranger to the music world. Singing and performing since the tender age of 5, Korell has been captivating and wowing Freestyle music lovers across the country for over 20 years.

His evocative vocals and impeccable musical style has made him one of Freestyle’s most gifted artists. Korell’s big break came in 1988 after creating a singing group called Reaction. While performing, his distinct musical talents were discovered by Stevie B, one of the early pioneers of Freestyle music.

Stevie was immediately impressed with Korell’s talent, and began collaborating with him on various musical projects. Korell signed to Stevie B's record label, LMR Records, but his album was released in 1994 under Thump Records. Korell’s debut album, "Make it Last Forever,” received rave reviews and won the hearts and ears of music fans everywhere.

His most popular song from the album, ‘Paradise,’ was a major hit both the bay area and in Brazil. ‘Paradise’ was a theme song for a popular novella. The success of the album made Korell a recognized Freestyle artist who could hold his own in the business.

After taking a break from his musical career, Korell is back with new music under his belt. His infectious new single, “Each Time You break My Heart,” (a remake of an old Madonna & Nick Kamen’s song) is currently receiving major airplay on local radio stations, including Mega 100 and KSJS 90.5. His sophomore album is expected to ignite the charts once again and prove that he is one of Freestyle’s best entertainers.

Since his start in the industry, Korell has performed at numerous Freestyle showcases across the country. He continues to have a strong fanbase and widespread musical appeal in America and South America.

In recent years, Korell’s natural producing and songwriting abilities have made him popular among emerging Freestyle artists. He has written and produced songs for a variety of singers and bands, and helps guide the growing careers of new entertainers.

With the release of his new album, Korell looks forward to making a fierce comeback in the music industry, and is committed to making hits for many more years to come.

His new music continues to speak from the heart and intoxicates Freestyle music fans everywhere. Korell’s highly anticipated album is expected to be released in April.

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