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Joe Zangie


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The road to success for Joe Zangie has been paved with highs and lows, ranging from sharing the stage with some of the world's top artists to losing the ability to sing professionally because of a devastating car accident. Joe Zangie was born the youngest of four children in Camden, New Jersey, just outside of the bright lights of the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. In school, Joe found himself drawn to the stage, performing in school productions while balancing his theatrical interests with classes and sports. Throughout high school, Joe would find himself listening to dance artists like George LaMond, Collage, Denine and Cynthia and would tell his friends that one day he would go on to record a great record, just like his favorite artists. At the age of 18, just after graduation, Joe accomplished this goal by signing his first record contract with Tazmania/Metropolitan Records. Over the course of four years, Joe would record ten singles that were featured predominately both on Tazmania's successful dance compilations and on the radio, making him a regional celebrity. Joe Zangie often would perform on the same bill with such artists as Coro, Lisette Melendez and George Lamond, bringing him to the attention of an artist that would change the direction of his career. In 1998, Joe Zangie was approached by Robbins Entertainment recording artist, Rockell, to join her tour as her singing partner. During the span of two years, they performed to thousands of screaming fans as they opened for the Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, 98 Degrees, Jessica Simpson and Mya and appeared on such television shows as Ricki Lake and Jenny Jones. This experience ignited his passion to record a solo album and, just as he was on the verge of signing a major recording deal, devastation struck. An oncoming car struck a vehicle that Joe was riding in one night, injuring not only his back, neck and knees, but also severely injuring his jaw. Finding himself not able to perform professionally, Joe was forced to leave the industry he loved. It was during this downtime that he formed his own management company which guided the careers of various artists, DJs and remixers. However, a nagging feeling of something left unfinished remained. In 2004, the desire to return to the stage was stronger than ever and Joe found himself in a recoding studio in Orlando, Florida signing the 80’s hit “Broken Wings” which, to him, symbolized his overcoming the struggles and reaching a new pinnacle of success. During this time, Joe also recorded the heartfelt track, “What Will I Do Now”, whose emotionally charged lyrics and acoustic background provided the perfect backdrop to showcase Joe’s soulful voice. Through it all, Joe Zangie has struggled and faced challenges head on to pursue his ultimate passion – Music. Joe Zangie’s unwavering courage in the face of adversity shows his fans that he is not out of the game just yet. It’s just the beginning…
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