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Jennifer Glass - Biography

Jennifer Glass – Biography
From an early age, Jennifer Glass’ desire to perform was obvious. At the age of six Jennifer began singing and quickly found her love for music. Her mother encouraged Jennifer to take piano and violin lessons, but by the time she was in high school, Jennifer decided to focus solely on using her voice. As a member of her church choir, high school chorus and the select choir, the “Choraliers”, Jennifer developed many of the skills she would use later in life. After high school Jennifer attended the State University of New York at Cobleskill where she was the vice president of the college choir and earned the lead role in “Carousel” after her very first acting audition. Her experience with acting changed the way she thought of singing. “I realized that when you are singing on stage, you can’t just stand there and sing. You have to perform on many levels.”
Inspired by popular music of the late 80’s, Jennifer’s desire was to one day hear her music on Top 40 radio. After college, Jennifer relocated from her hometown of Saratoga Springs, New York to central Florida where the pop music scene was exploding. She performed in several cover bands and even worked as a Madonna impersonator before her big break came in 2003. Jennifer began recording a 6 song project with Caliber Records in Orlando, Florida when it seemed that fate took over. During the recording of the fourth song, entitled Dreamin’, the producers and Jennifer alike knew that they had a hit song in the making. The decision was made to put out a promotional release to create some buzz and what happened next was nothing short of amazing. Dreamin’ received adds at FM radio stations in various markets across the U.S. as well as numerous internet radio stations. In addition, nightclub Dj’s couldn’t get enough of Dreamin and it climbed to the top of the airplay charts. Unfortunately, as an unsigned artist there was never a release to retail and this songs full potential was never realized. Nonetheless, Jennifer performed all around Florida and booked many shows in New Orleans where she developed a large fan base. Dreamin’s popularity in those regions was largely due to the breakbeat/freestyle sound.
In March of 2010 Jennifer contacted Dreamin’ producer Christian Dio and they discussed putting out a brand new version of this hit song. Knowing what the original track accomplished with very little promotion and during a time when dance music was being snuffed out by hip hop, they both agreed that it was the right time to give this amazing song new life. Both Jennifer and Christian are hoping lighting can strike twice. For Jennifer, perhaps THIS is the moment she’s been dreaming of all of her life.


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