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Japanese Bands Rock Out In Hong Kong On 11th March 2011

Shazza Music is delighted to host the first Japan Rocks concert in Hong Kong.

The show will be held at Backstage on Friday 11th March. The show will comprise of four bands; one amazingly talented band from Tokyo and a female-led-vocalist-guitarist band from Osaka plus two of the coolest Japanese bands based in Hong Kong.

The Osaka band (Sawas Phool) won a competition (in Osaka!) and the Tokyo band (DonRef) won a competition (in Tokyo!) and this is all part of Shazza Music’s new band 'cooperation' concerts, with the first cooperation country being Japan. This cooperation is to gain a better understanding of each other’s city’s live music scene and to create more opportunities for bands to perform in each city.

The two Japanese bands are in town for ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Friday 11 March, 2011
@ Backstage, 1/F., 52-54 Wellington St. Central
10:00pm - 1:00am
HOTLINE: (852) 9486 4648

Catfish Kings (blues)
Sawas Phool (Osaka) (modern hard rock)
Don Ref (Tokyo)(R& B rock)
Sea Monsters (eccentric jazz with super rock beats)

More information about the bands below.


Catfish Kings
Catfish Kings established in 2009 as a chicago blues band. The band started playing in Mr. Moonlight, (a former music bar in Causeway Bay) and since then have played in various venues in Hong Kong. Catfish Kings' music can be described "Pure Chicago Electric Blues". Following real traditional style with harp and electric guitar. It is really groovy and dance-able.
MORINO / Harp, Vocal
YOSHIMOTO / GUitar, Vocal
MIURA / Piano
UMEZU / Bass
KOYAMA / Drums

Sawas Phool (Tokyo)
Thanks to the love and support of fans from as far afield as Malawi and Iceland, Sawa and Zizi decided to start a new band, "SAWAS PHOOL", so named because the band was born on April Fool's Day. Recently they were interviewed by the American radio program "918 The FAN" and are now hard at work with the current line-up working on new material and performing on the Japanese live house circuit. The band's sound is primarily rock, but they have also performed successfully acoustic shows, allowing them to experiment with Latin American rhythms, and are continually in?uenced by their fans and their musical tastes. The band performs in both English and Japanese.

DonRef (Osaka)
Playing a blend of rock, dance and funk, this highly engaging Osaka band is ready to take on the world starting first with Hong Kong. Formed in 1997, based in Osaka, Japan, DONREF is very well known in Kansai area ????. Influences from classic rock, soul, R&B, as well as The Beatles and Michael Jackson, Donref's music genre in simplely rock, but their funky and happy-feeling style is also excellent for party music.

Sea Monsters
Based on the policy of "Freer and No flatter music", this band formed in 2001 by Ogura (from Very Ape) and Koya (from Speed King and Helter Skelter). They recruited a guitar player from the newspaper, and Ito joined to the band. While they were making all efforts to compose original songs, they joined a band competition by Tom Lee Music. Though almost no one dare to play experimental music in Hong Kong, Ito was awarded as the best guitar player. In order to expand their music, Akiyama on turntables joined in 2002. In the same year, they caused a ruckus in a wine bar in Shenzhen as the customers rioted over this 'experimental' sound and the band were stopped after the second song! Come see if YOU are ready for the Sea Monsters experience!