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I need help!

Hmm, I tried to talk with the persons in the chat, but the most of them only speak Portuguese. Ok, the site is from Brasil. ;)
I tried to translate with google translator, but that's crap.
Someone said something about DJ Sacode and VLW. I searched in google, but google only offers me DJ S-Code. I also don't know what VLW means. Is this the title or is it something like a shortcut for "greatings"?
Although I learned Spanish in school I don't understad Portuguese. The language is more different that I thought.
Is someone here who can speak Portuguese?


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
i can speak spanish... post what they said.. btw.. its a good sounding jam.... i want it too!!!!
I didn't save the text. :(
Maybe you can try speaking with them? The link is in my first post.
In meanwhile I thought that this song maybe is a freestyle remix of a song. But which song?
On google I found a lot remixes for example of No Mercy mostly on brasilian freestyle blogs. :/