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How did you find Freestyle.FM?


Member of NYFreestyle.Com
I had done searches for "freestyle" in the past, looking for a site that was streaming freestyle music, because they def don't play it on any of the radio stations where I live. I had all but given up, until I decided to try one more time using BING, and this time I struck gold!:D


I was selling my body on the street corner for money till I over heard a conversation about Freestyle websites and one of them was freestyle.fm

I still sell my body on the same street corner but when i'm not selling my body I listen to freestyle.fm

First of all I want to say that I am happy that I am part of this.....I found this site by browsing. There isn't much freestyle being played in my town. I have to wait for Saturday night because that is the only time they play it. I used to live in Illinois and let me tell you, I listened to freestyle all the time.:p
was looking up freestyle on wikipedia. i live in Melbourne AU and love playing freestyle meanwhile where can i purchase freestyle songs that aren't already mixed?
I went on itunes looking for radio stations playing freestyle music and ran into this one its the only one on there freestyle fm so thats how i found your website and i been a listener ever since..
I was looking for some Freestyle mixes to put on my phone and it led me to this awesome site!


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
hey ... how do i post a mix i made ... freeslyle forever since the beginning
Welcometo the site. You can post a mix by going to the download section then click "submit file". If you have any trouble let me know.