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How did you find Freestyle.FM?


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I was looking for freestyle mixes and came across this site.
Welcome to the site. You should check out the mixes in our latest dj showdown [ame="http://freestyle.fm/forums/showthread.php?t=18861"]here[/ame] and vote. I'm not sure but you may need at lest ten posts to vote though, but you still have two weeks left.
by pure luck

No I am a big freestyle fan and a coworker just moved over to my area and she is also a big freestyle fan and we started talking and she told me about the site. I love it, I have so many cd's that I made myself and I also have some old skool tapes from when I was a young buck. I love it.:xtwitcy:
i was looking up TRilogy(love me forever or love me not) it was a big hit here in chicago. and it had some site called freestyle.fm forums, so i was like le me check this out. i found another site l;ike this but this one is better
I am curious to how everyone found Freestyle.FM. So please share with us how you found us.
I myself met Ted at clubfreestyle and he told me about a freestyle site he had called disciplesoffreestyle.com, which eventually evolved into another site then eventually merged with whatchamissin.com and is now Freestyle.FM. I have met many friends along the way that I can consider close friends and family.
I found this website cause i was searching for Angelinas New song and this website pop up . I love Freestyle im from Modesto California 33 yrs old and listen to freestlye since i was 12. My favorite cd mix is Amor probihido Pure freesytle beats in spanish. love it.


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Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
Hello and welcome to Freestyle.FM everyone!

I hope you enjoy all the features we have to offer here. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.
I was looking for some Old School tracks (You call them Freestyle here) that I might not already have,and another DJ on a website I go to suggested I check out Freestyle FM.I'm Glad I did.I have been DJing since 81 or 82,and still do.With mostly our same crew (The Scratch Factory & Company) and all we play is Old School music.We never called our music Freestyle,we just kept playing the best party music,and kept the dance floors packed and now we are known as "Those Old School DJ's".We don't play that new stuff that disrespects people,has a lot of cursing,and all sounds the same.We just keep the party going,If you hear that funky fuss.You Know it ain't nobody but us ! The people love us,and we are always bring the funk.