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Have you played Atari today?

Discussion in 'Console Games' started by Chuck, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Chuck

    Chuck Who? Staff Member Administrator DOFCH.COM NYFreestyle.Com NHBFreestyle.Com FreestyleRemix.Com FreestyleMania.com ClubFreestyle.Com Freestyle.FM Dee Jays

    Got this link from 1up.com. It has some great Atari commercials and just had to share with you guys. You even see a young Phil Hartman in the Ice Hockey commercial. If you get bored looking that them you have to at least check out the last commercial on page 5, you know ur old when you actually remember the words to that song lol.

  2. NatillaLiz

    NatillaLiz Mrs. Garcia NYFreestyle.Com MaximumFreestyle.Com NHBFreestyle.Com FreestyleRemix.Com FreestyleMania.com ClubFreestyle.Com Freestyle Nation LatinFreestyle.Com

    Dayum! LOL I remember when my brothers had atari's!! And all the games! My favorite ones were frogger, and Smurfs! LOL
  3. Quixotic


    I'm still playing with my ColecoVision console!
  4. ecigsnet

    ecigsnet New Member

    Colecovision was awesome. I was totally addicted to Lady Bug at the time. You can still buy the game on eBay.

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