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GrooveMagazine.com Exclusive: Top 40 Freestyle Chart from 1991

Hey Folks, I was just going threw some of my old files and I came across this gem from my man Mike Davis from back in the days. It's a copy of a chart he used to put out every two weeks of the best tunes available at the time. The chart should bring back some great memories for those of you around the scene in '91 and for those of you not around the scene at the time, this will be a great history lesson. Check it out and let me know what you think of the chart. Until next time.......PEACE!!!!

FOR SEPTEMBER 16-30, 1991

.LC] .TC] Title of Song – Artist - Label

.03] .01] Wings Of Love – Daize – Upstairs
.02] .02] Temptation – Corina – Cutting
.07] .03] I’m Forever Yours – Face – Micmac
.06] .04] Baby Can’t You See – Passion Play – Sandcastle
.01] .05] In & Out Of Love – Sergio – Immix
.12] .06] Be My Baby – Nana – DJ International
.10] .07] Losing My Heart – April – Metropolitan
.15] .08] Show Me Passion – Rikki & The B-Side – JNB
.13] .09] Soul On Fire – And More – Micmac
.05] .10] My Fallen Angel – Coro – Charisma
.18] .11] Without Your Love – Rhingo – Sneak Tip
.04] .12] Drums Of Love – 7th Heaven – Bianca/Hot
.19] .13] You’ve Gone Away – Nea – SGO
.09] .14] I Don’t Want You – Rio Sisters – Onna Roll
.17] .15] Cry For Love – Jason Tomi – Ligosa
.21] .16] Your Love – Rare Design – Wiseguys
.20] .17] Forever – Nicole Daniels – Metropolitan
.25] .18] Emotional Pain – Zavier – Sneal Tip
.14] .19] Leave Me This Way – Margie Martinee – Metropolitan
.27] .20] Dream Lover – Benny Velez – Slammin
.16] .21] Mami El Negro – DJ Laz – Pandisc
HOT .22] The Search – Nas-T-Boys – Onna Roll
.26] .23] Within My Heart – Voyce – ATCO
.08] .24] Forever Amo’r – D’Zrye – DJ International
HOT .25] Paradise – Laissez Faire – Metropolitan
.29] .26] Never Thought I Let You Go - Cynthia – Micmac
.32] .27] Love Me Tonight – Bernardo – Dynamite
.31] .28] You’re Leaving Me – Jaime – Tripodi
.23] .29] Not Gonna Be The One – Lizzie Perez – Renaisance
.28] .30] Now And Forever – Nyasia – Micmac
HOT .31] A Day In My Life – Lisette Melendez – Fever
NEW .32] Do What You Want (Remix) – Two In A Room – Micmac
.30] .33] Untruelover – Nadia – Fourth Floor
NEW .34] Whispers – Corina – Cutting
NEW .35] Louder Than Love – TKA – Tommy Boy
.36] .36] Without Your Love – Nardy – Magic
NEW .37] Pu Tun Tun – El General – Gold Disc
NEW .38] Broken Dreams – DTU – Tripodi
.38] .39] Together Forever – Lisette Melendez – Fever
.35] .40] No Regrets – David – Micmac


.01] I Surrender – Sweet Sensation – ATCO
.02] Freestyle Mega-Mixes – Jeff Rowanowski – Metropolitan
.03] Surrender Your Love – Julia Santana – Micmac
.04] Tears Of Tears – Tonasia – Micmac
.05] I Want You Back – Sperock – DJ International

It’s time for reviews

Rikki & The B-Side – “Show Me Passion” (JNB)

If you don’t own this record or haven’t heard about it then you better track down 2 copies. If you enjoy that classic Miami sound, Don’t overlook this 12 inch. The vocals are excellent and somewhat similar to Debbie Deb’s smash hit “Lookout Weekend”. You should contact a Florida distributor.

Benny Velez – “Dream Lover” (Slammin)

This record has that “Miami Freestyle Sound” all over it; thanx to producer Tony “Dr. Edit” Garcia’s slicing and dicing. There are six versions, including a club version which is best overall.

That’s all for now, be on the lookout for future releases in your nearest record stores for the following:

Good & Plenty – Dance Baby Dance – Micmac
Soave – Don’t Look Back – Micmac
Jaidie – Love You, Love You – Cutting
Sam Savon – Catch And Kiss – Cutting
Reinaldo – Take It From The Heart – High Power
Jeannie – Take Me In Your Arms – High Power

Be on the lookout for more sneak previews in the next issue of MED’s Record Reviews. 919-755-xxxx. Until next time, PEACE!!!!!


New Member
Nice list, Pete.

I started DJing as a hobby back in that year. Leave Me This Way by Margie Martinee, I Want You Back by Sperock and Broken Dreams by DTU were among the heavy rotations I had being requested. aaaaah, memories.


Captain Casual
Staff member
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
^ yea Cleo, that's the song...

That's why I was like :confused:, that ain't Freestyle or Dance.
It's Reggae! :rolleyes:

Other than that one, nice list. I miss the time when Freestyle was in its prime.
LOL, yeah Rafael, I am not sure why that one is in there:) It's definitely not freestyle. I will say this though, Reggae was a pretty big underground movement at the time. El General was at the forefront of Spanish Reggae and people like Shabba Ranks, Barrington Levy and others were really hot on the scene. Those were the good old days!!!
Nice list, Pete.
Thanks John. It really brings back some great memories! Question: Where were you buying your vinyl at the time? Just curious. Also, do you still have all your old vinyl? I still spin vinyl to this day and it will always be my preferred format. Vinyl junkie till the end:buttrock:


Captain Casual
Staff member
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
I used to buy my vinyl at the Music Center on 5th Ave in Brooklyn, back when Kenny Dope used to work there.
Hey Rafael, it's funny you mentioned Kenny Dope. While I was just looking at some of my older reggae, I came across a tune that Kenny did called Blood Vibes. Do you remember that one? It was from '91 on Cutting Records and it included a sample from a great tune that for some unknown reason escapes me at the moment.

BTW, if anyone remembers the tune that sample comes from, please let me know. It's driving me crazy. I want to say that the original song was called One Love but I am not sure.

And as far as record stores go, I used to do most of my shopping in Manhattan. Though I did go to a store a few times in Brooklyn on Avenue U that was owned by Frankie Bones. Other than that, my main stops in NYC were Rock and Soul, Music Factory on 42nd, Downtown Records, Vinylmania and Discorama. Anyone remember those shops?

And talk about having fun! I was like a kid in a candy store when I walked into these shops. They had everything you were looking for and more! I used to go into all the shops with my Sony cassette Walkman with tunes that I recorded off of shows from the previous weekend. I would listen to people like Mr. Magic, Tony Humhpries, Chuck Chillout, Red Alert, Glenn Frisca, Paco from the Original KTU and Carlos DeJesus just to name a few.

I do remember getting a lot of "Where did you hear that song" comments whenever I showed the store DJs tunes that I recorded off Tony Humhphries show though. When I told them it's was from Tony's show, they would laugh and shake their heads and say, "That one won't be out for another six months. Good song though." It turned out that since Tony was one of the top DJs at the time, he would get tracks from the labels way in advance of anyone else. Must have been nice:D

Those were the days!!
wow! i just got depressed!! lol those where the great times of my life!!! and stuff!
Hey PureTrend, where did those days go?! Seems just like yesterday!!!
i went to music center on 48th and 5th in suset park!!!
How was that shop? Did they have a lot of good tunes there? I never visited that one. But I did go to Cesar's Bay Bazaar a few times. Talk about fun. Loved the food, clothes, atmosphere, etc., etc. etc.,:) They don't make 'em like that any more!
i remeber going to cesars bay bazzar too, they used to have hard to get 12in records there!! thats where i finally got "stay with me" by chree.
Hey PureTrend, have you kept all your vinyl after all these years?


New Member
Thanks John. It really brings back some great memories! Question: Where were you buying your vinyl at the time? Just curious. Also, do you still have all your old vinyl? :buttrock:

Yes, I still have my vinyls and equipment under guarded storage. I used to buy my vinyl at Record Time on Gratiot Ave. in Roseville (when DJ Godfather used to work there.) and from Melodies and Memories on Gratiot Ave. in Eastpointe.

I also bought from Gramaphone Records on N. Clark St. in Chicago and from Super Dance on Algonquin Rd. in Arlington Heights. The rest of the 12"'s I bought mail order from Metropolitan, Cutting and Tazmania back when they did have the mail-order slips that came with the records.

Many of the cooler record stores in Detroit and Ann Arbor went out of business IMHO with Napster but there are a few independent stores that I have some luck with.


Freestyle.FM Referee
Staff member
Freestyle.FM Dee Jays
WOW!!! How did I miss this.. awesome flashbacks..lol ((goes to grab some vinyl))
Yes, I still have my vinyls and equipment under guarded storage.
LOL! Definitely never let go of your vinyl John and make sure you keep your wax under lock and key. There are a lot of vinyl bandits out there:)
Yeah I Still Have Some Of My Records!! I Like TO Take Them Out And Smell Them Sometimes! Lol I Loved The Smell Of Those Record Stores!! It Brings Me Back
Yeah I know exactly what you mean PureTrend! There is something about the ambiance of a record store that you have to be a DJ or record collector to appreciate. There just ain't nothing out there like vinyl. Love the feel, sound and smell of vinyl!!!!