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George LaMond interview..'09


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1. Before landing a major label deal with Columbia Records, I understand you sang backup for different artists. What made you go from doing backup to getting your own deal?

I just knew that it was my time, people were telling me to do it, soo I did.

2. For your debut album you worked with legendary music producer Chris Barbosa, known also for his work on Shannon's "Let The Music Play". How did you get connected with him and what was it like to record with such an amazing producer?

It was real simple. My friends girlfriend took the demo to many record labels and one just happned to be where Chris was and thats how we met.

3. "Bad of the Heart" was a maninstream commercial release on a major label. Were you the only artist on the Columbia label to be considered "Freestyle"? Did you know you were going to land in that catagory? Tell us about your experince with Columbia and being a freestyle artist.

At that time, the label was calling that kind of music Dance / Pop. The streets called it freestyle. Radio, TV, etc didnt consider it freestyle, just dance. I was the only one doing freestyle on the columbia label.

4. On your second album "In My Life" you did a cover of the Jackson 5 song "I Want You Back". Who's idea was it for you to do a cover of that song and were you all for it? Did you ever recieve any feedback from the Jackson camp? Approval or otherwise?

I was with my producer foolin around with different songs and we came up with "I Want You Back". I later met with Jermaine Jackson. He was very polite about it and I gave him a copy. I am a huge Jackson fan. So I was very happy with the outcome. On another note, did you know Marc Anthony did backgrounds on that song?

5. I know you had previous latin albums, but In 2006 you returned with a new album called "Oye Mi Canto". This album featured Reggaeton, Salsa and Bachata. What made you take such a huge turn in musical direction? Did you write and produce any of the tracks for this album?

I wrote 90% of it and produced the album with diffrent people. It was all ideas and my concepts. I am a huge hip hop fan. I grew up on breakdancing / bboy and I just knew I had to so it. I love that album but it didnt get the promotion it deserved. The label owner passed away and all the promotion with the album just stopped and everything went down hill.

6. If you had the opportunity to record a song with Gloria Estefan, would you take it? Why?

Yes. I would love to collaborate with her. We both have the same background with latin music. We both came from the club and we both came from the same era. it would be very interesting to see what would come of it.

7. You recently recorded a cover version of 80s hit by Journey called "Dont Stop Believing". How was this song chosen to be the cover song for you to record? Are you a fan of Journey? Do you like the original?

I am a big 80s rock fan. I love Foreigner, Ac/Dc, Bon Jovi, Warrent etc. I was with my 2nd album when they were coming out. To answer the question, there was a song laying around and a producer asked me to try and I said sure and it worked.

8. Many people know you for your freestyle hits "Bad of the Heart", "Without You", "Look Into My Eyes", "Where Does That Leave Love" amoung others. Do you think Freestyle will ever come back to life like it was in the late 80s / early 90s? What are your thoughts on freestyle today?

I think that the passion of freestyle will always be there. It will come back but under another name. A style fused with todays instrumentation and ideas. Once it ignites, all will fall into place. Some artists I think that have freestyle elemets today include Akon, Britney Spears, Danity Kane and even Madonna's earlier hit "Die Another Day" has freestyle elements in it.

9. I heard that you are involved with another 80s cover song, this one being a cover of LEVEL 42's "Something About You". What can you tell us about this song?

Thats the one I did with Lucas Prata. That is on his album. I am featured on the song.
Its on the radio now in New York on Pulse 87

10. Looking back at your career, what would you say are your 3 most memorable moments to date?

1. When I did the National Anthem for the New York Nicks
2. The day i did Madisaon Square Garden with my latin band
3. The day I met my idol Erik Benet (Halle's Berry ex), He came up to me and complimented my singing. he knew of me and liked my voice and my music.

11. One extra question since I know fans will want to know.... is there any plans for a new dance album? Freestyle/Club/Trance/Pop or whatever it may be?

I am working on a full dance album as we speak.
I am with Robbins Ent. and its all going to be a hi-enegery dance album.

Anything you want to add?

I am also in negotiations for an internet only release of a latin slow jam album.

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Fareed of Spirit Matter

Lots of luck in all your future music endeavors George you have always been a true gentleman and an incredible talent. I am glad that i had the chance to share the stage with you.

Fareed Spirit Matter


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I love me some George Lamond!