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Freestyle on TV, plus Freestyle's Hottest Nightspot!

What’s up my Freestyle brothers and sisters? It’s Swins Fontenelle again, the Voice of Freestyle Universe (the most active facebook group supporting Freestyle on the web) and I’m here to share a little taste my appearance on the Aurelia TV Show (a Time Warner Cable broadcast) the other night. Yes, I brought the Freestyle Universe to television-land once again and this time I brought Freestyle artists: Erik Christian, Wilson Feliciano and Caramelo with me. Erik and Wilson both gave slammin performances and Caramelo will be performing on a future broadcast. To check out a few pictures we shot on the set last night click this link to my online photo albums: http://www.flickr.com/photos/swins/.

My biggest news on the show was about New York’s hottest new night-spot: Sidetracks (45-08 Queens Blvd @ 46th St.) in Sunnyside, Queens “Home of Freestyle Fridays”. Friday, December 11, 2009 is the huge premiere night and we’re having the who’s-who of Freestyle in the house including George Lamond, Cyre’ and the Nas-t Boyz, just to name a few. Freestyle artists: Arlene, Lydia Lee Love, Maribel, Wendy, Jessica Fabus and Erik Christian will all be performing and legends: Carlos Berrios and Mickey Garcia are just two of the famous DJs that will be spinning! We hope all of you will turn out to support us and join us on our myspace page: Honor Roll Freestyle Fridays.

I also urge all of you to join Freestyle Universe on facebook.com. Our mission is to continually support all of our Freestyle artists, labels, producers, DJs, promoters, venues, Internet radio stations and websites…..and we’re having fun doing it too!!