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Freestyle.fm On Your Iphone! (UPDATED)


Glad to see all of you jumping on board!
Sorry Phil, Will and Tae.




Internet RadioBOX

Special price offer for limited time only! $3.99

We have been working hard to bring you the best radio experience available on the internet.

Listen to your favorite MP3 radio station streams from all over the internet right on your iPhone and iPod Touch!
Take your radio stations right with you using 3G/EDGE.

We don't use any CPU intensive processes for decoding.
Internet RadioBOX is using the iPhone/iPod Touch Mp3 hardware support to decode streams.
This will not drain your battery life!

+ Mp3 stream support
+ PLS and M3U playlist support
+ Beautiful & user friendly Interface
+ Add your own radio stations
+ Easy favorites management
+ Change wallpaper
+ Shake-To-Shuffle to select a radio station
+ Watch your network traffic
+ List recent radio stations you have played
+ Works great with WiFi, 3G and EDGE
+ Plays even when Locked (use USB connector to extend WLAN activity)

Free Directories:
+ SHOUTcastâ„¢ Radio
+ Icecast Directory
(This directories are subject to change. We cannot guarantee their 24/7 availability. Directory lists may change in future updates.)

+ To use Shake-To-Shuffle, shake your device gently about 3 times within 2 seconds
+ To keep WLAN enabled, connect your device to USB
+ Internet RadioBOX cannot run in background (SDK/iPhone restrictions)

+ Icecast Directory added
+ Favorites reordering
+ minor bug fixes

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This one is much better than the previously recommended program.
It is also cheaper.

It works with shoutcast and there is no buffering issues.
You can also control your connectivity to avoid any further buffering issues.

Choose from 48-128K bit.
This will also allow for you to get a list of other stations that are running on your chosen bit rate.

Its very good.


Mamalicious Freestyler
cool but i dont have an iphone:(


I was just about to dl this one and found a free one, where u can listen to freestyle.fm

Its called Flycast !!


Mamalicious Freestyler


Mamalicious Freestyler
I think if it aint broken dont fix it unless its really really cute and PINK THEN I'LL START WHINING I WANT ONE LOL


For those of you still looking for an APP to use to listen to FFM and 90.7FM WTCC then the AOL Shout Cast APP is the one for you.

Its simple and FREE.

From your Iphone just hit your app button, search for shoutcast and download!

Its that simple!

Load the application and search for WTCC and FREESTYLE.FM and you will get both options.

You can save them by pressing the star which will add them to your favorites.

Get it now!