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Free ringtones??

Im gonna have to check it out!!!! Thanks


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[b said:
Quote[/b] (LaGringaLoca @ Oct. 17, 2003 - 2:08)]Im gonna have to check it out!!!! Thanks
it only works if u have a web browser on ur phone...then ur gonna need user names that hook u up with the free ringers and screen savers...any questions shoot me a PM and ill hook u up!!!
The site I linked you dont need a user name or anything just the web browser... seems a lil easier but Im gonna check out the link you put up! They might have a better selection of ringtones...


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If my cell phone needs a browser, I am screwed. Even though I like the ringtones on my celly, it never hurts to get extra ones.
Chulo that site you suggested requires you to make a donation! Its not freakin free!!! lol Go to the site I told you about and for free screensavers go to www.jhonny.org all you need is a browser and everything is totally free... you can even upload you own personal pics at jhonny and set them as your screensaver!
hmmm it told me that I had to make a one time donation of at least $5.95 to access my locker...
This is what it told me:
Access requires a ONE TIME donation, minimum $5.95.
Quickly download your favorite ringers, screensavers, and games by making a ONE TIME donation.
NOTE: After donating, you should immediately have access to your locker.
Does it work for you?
hell yea hook me up!!!!!
yea but it doesnt work


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I remember there use to be a guy that was selling freestyle rings, whatever happened to him?


Freestyler Xtreme
[b said:
Quote[/b] (Rafael @ Dec. 27, 2003 - 2:25 pm)]I remember there use to be a guy that was selling freestyle rings, whatever happened to him?
just like almost everything else in freestyle....empty promise...i remember e-mailing the dude..tellin him i was seriously interested....only to get NO REPLY......
ok guys i need some help here i just dl a wallpaper on my cell and now all i need is my own ringtone to be dl to be complete and when i try to do it at 3gupload this is what it said "file format is mp3 but required format is qcp or midi or midi0"

i converted the mp3 into a wav

i even cut the song as small as i can do it to make it sound the way i like on cool edit pro and that thing came up so is there a program out there that can help me change it into qcp or midi? if anyone know of something holla back at me plz
Al did you try the program I told you bout in the other thread? It automatically converts it for you in the right format...